TONZO LS 212 HD home projector | bes mini portable projector for home in india

Today we are going to review a mini portable projector. Which is TONZO LS 212 HD Home Theater Mini Portable Projector and it comes with 3500 Lumens. This mini projector is around Rs 10000.

In this article, we will review the features, details and reviews of this projector and will also tell you whether you should buy this projector or not, we will tell you in detail.

TONZO LS 212 HD home projector

TONZO LS 212 HD home projector

Short description

  • The size of this projector can be increased or decreased from 50 inches to 200 inches
  • Mirror Cast & Apple Cast
  • the native resolution of 720p
  • aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9.

Box content

First, you get to see the portable projector and a remote available from which you can control the projector. And a power cable is available, the length of the power cable is good.

and an RCA to 3.5mm jack cable. Nothing beats paperwork in this project.

Projector Overview

I found the projector quite right because the finishing etc. gets to see quite right. Talking about the built, its entire body is made of plastic. It is available in dual tone. And the weight of this TONZO LS 212 projector is 1 kg, so it is not that heavy either.

physical overview

Talking about the physical overview, all the buttons can be seen on the top of the projector. It has a focus control and a keystone to control it.

TONZO LS 212 HD home projector

The power cable port is available on the side and the IR blaster is seen behind the projector and the speaker is found on the side of the IR blaster itself. On the other side all the ports are given, in which HDMI, 2 USB ports are available, in which one USB out is given and 2 3.5mm ports. And one air windo has been given from where the heat of the projector can be released.

And an IR blaster is also available in the front. many people want to mount the projector in the sling, then you can mount this projector on the sling. And you can mount this projector on a tripod as well. Whatever the basic needs are, they are found in this projector.

Projection Quality

Talking about the projection quality, the projection quality is quite good. The size of this projector can be increased or decreased from 50 inches to 200 inches. We took the projection test of this projector, in which we get very good picture quality from 100 to 150 inches.

This projector has 3500 lumens, which is quite decent and very good. The more you play in the dark room, the better experience you will get.

It has a native resolution of 720p but you can play full HD content in it. But it does not support things like 4k, or HDR. This projector supports both aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9.

Mirror Cast & Apple Cast

It also gets mirror casting which I liked very much. This projector does not have Android, but if you want to project through your phone or iPad, then this projector also supports Android and Apple devices.

It mirror casts with the help of WiFi, first of all, you connect the phone to the WiFi of this projector and then you can cast with the option of screen mirroring.


According to me, the projector looks quite right, quite lightweight, and compact in an overall way. Even if you can carry it while travelling, it does not take much power. It does not have a built-in battery, it will require a power source to play.

Talking about the recommendation of this TONZO LS 212 HD Projector, then this projector will be good for those people who want to buy a good and compact projector. And whose space is small and if you use it there, then you will get to see the much better projection.

And what is my personal recommended screen size is 100 to 120 inches, the experience you will get in this screen size will be best with this projector

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