Boat immortal im 300 review | Hybrid Gaming Headphone under 2000

Today we are going to talk about the new gaming headphone coming from Boat, named Boat Immortal Mi 300. Boat offer good value in less range. In this review, we will talk about what this headphone is worth in the price and its features and specification.

Boat immortal im 300 Gaming Headphone

Boat immortal im 300 Gaming Headphone

Short descriptions

  • This boat Immortal Mi 300 is fitted with 50mm drivers
  • the weight of these headphones is 260 grams


One headphone whose look is really cool.

A Type C to C cable and a Type A to Type C cable and a fully flexible microphone. A boathead sticker, user guide, and warranty card.

build quality

The quality is great according to the 1900s. The cushion here is also good and the headrest cushion is not too soft I found it to be okay.

The comfort is very good and it has passive noise cancellation, I give it 10 out of 10 in case of comfort. And the weight of these headphones is 260 grams which is not heavy. The headset is lightweight, the build quality is also good.

Its entire body is made of plastic and this headset is flexible. Light is also available in it, there is a single effect light, it looks good when viewed from a distance you can also turn off its RGB light with the buttons with mode.

ports and buttons

First of all, there is a mic on-off button, a wheel to adjust the volume, a Type C input, a side mic input and a secondary microphone. And a button is available from which the mode can be changed, there is a dual equalizer mode inside it and with this, you can also control the light.

equalizer mode

There are two equalizer modes in this Boat Immortal Mi 300, namely a 3d spatial mode and a music mode.

Bass is also boosted in 3d spatial mode, trabel is also boosted, and there is also a slight surround sound effect. And a lot of things remain in balance inside the music mode.

sound quality

If you want these headphones for music, then take them with your eyes closed, according to me. The sound is great, the bass is strong, the loudness is good and the trabel crips, there is no distosone at all, even if you listen at full volume. In terms of music, this is a strong headphone. This boat Immortal Mi 300 is fitted with 50mm drivers


Talking about compatibility, in this we get type A to type C cable, so we can connect it to pc, ps4 or ps5. And a Type C to Type C cable is available, so you can plug directly into whatever Type C-supported phone is. And by putting it in the phone, I listened to songs and did gaming too. This headset does not get 3.5mm input.

software support

Software support is also available at this price point. Talking about the interface of the software, first, we get the game mode, the equalizer mode and surround will also be available in the game mode. The experience gets a little better on surround mode.

And the second is the music mode and different-different modes are also available in this. And there is an option for a microphone from where you can turn anc off and on.


If there is an Immortal series, then it is necessary to tell about gaming. We tried playing BGMI on the phone and got a great experience. I was gaming on special mode and its end left and right are strong and there was a slight 3d experience as well.

Be it footsteps, or travel, everything is very strong in terms of gaming. Boat Immortal Mi 300 can be definitely bought if you need it for mobile gaming.

Tried gaming on pc too and there is no problem with pc too. This headset will support ps4 and ps5 only. ps5 got a great gaming experience in overall gaming and ps5 supports 3D audio.


Both the microphones of Boat Immortal mi 300 have good quality. It gets a detachable mic and an in-built mic.

my opinion

So brother this was the review of this boat immortal mi 300 and I found this headphone interesting. At this price point, I didn’t have any issues with this headset in terms of sound quality, comfort, or compatibility.

If you have a budget of around 2000 and you are looking for gaming headphones that also get software support, dual compatibility and dual microphone then what is the problem definitely go for it.

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