Best earphones under 300 with mic in India

Hello friends, today we will talk about the Best earphones which come in under 300 rupees. In which you get decent sound quality.

There are many earphones within 300 rupees but the sound quality is not that good, so we have selected 5 such earphones for you in your budget.

10 to 12mm sound driver is available with it, deep bass, decent audio quality, HD microphone, water-resistant rating, tangle-free cable and best build quality are available.


If your budget is very less i.e. from 300 to 350 and in that price range you want to get a decent earphone for music and gaming then read this article completely. And allow the notification for such informative articles.

So in this article, we will talk about the details, specifications and features of all these earphones and know which earphones will be right at what price.

List of best earphones under 300 with a mic

#No.5 Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X

At number 5 comes the earphones launched by Bolt named Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X. It offers great sound quality and deep bass, and the earbuds come in a metal build. But it does not get the ear hooks of the batter grip.

 Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X

Talking about the specification, it gets an HD microphone and comes with in-line button control as well as voice assistant support is also available in it. These earphones come with IPX5 water resistance. And it has 10MM drivers for sound output which gives decent output.


  • low Price
  • Mic quality.
  • Sound quality.
  • Bass is good at this price point.
  • The Treble is also nice, again the price.
  • The loudness is good.
  • this is for gaming I think this is one of the best earphones for gaming at this price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfort is ok.
  • Good looking for earphones.


  • it does not get the ear hooks
  • Clarity could be better. The biggest
  • cons of these earphones are are not marked in earbuds which are Left and Right. The company should think about this.
  • Even the earbud’s design is not tilted.
  • Vocal and mids sometimes lack.
  • Bass sometimes not performed well.
  • Mic cover quality is cheap.

The good quality sound and mic quality that this earphone offers at this price point are definitely worth it.

#No.4 Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones

The Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-ear earphone comes in at number 4. Boult offers the same features and specifications in both BassBuds X1 and BassBuds Storm-X.

In this too you get HD sound quality, and deep bass and even its earbuds come in a metal build. The Boult Audio BassBuds X1 Extra Grip has ear hooks and the Audio BassBuds Storm-X does not have ear hooks.

The Storm-X gets the normal audio connector but the BassBuds X1 gets an L-shaped 3.5MM connector. And it also gets an HD microphone and comes with in-line button control.

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones

In this also the support of voice assistant is available, comes with IPX5 water resistance and 10MM drivers of sound output are also available in this which give the descent sound output.

Both the BassBuds X1 and the BassBuds Storm-X share the same specifications, features and the same price. Only the looks of both are different, both these earphones are available for Rs 300, best features are available according to the price. Out of these two earphones, you can buy whichever earphone you like without any issue.

if you want details boult audio bassbuds x1 review click here


  • 1) hd sound quality is great it has micro offers.
  • 2) Build quality is great wires are thick.
  • 3) hd calling is great my voice was clearly audible to any other people on the call.


  • 1) sometimes earbuds hurt the ears and they might not be comfortable for some people otherwise it’s a great product

Great build quality and the great sound is actually great.

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#3. Mivi Rock and Roll E5 Wired In Ear Earphones

Number 3 on our list comes Mivi Rock and Roll E5 Wired In Ear Earphones. This is the only earphone in this list that comes with a braided cable and comes with a unique design.

It gets 10mm sound drivers, which provide decent audio quality but high bass. It has an HD microphone for calling, along with it comes with in-line button control.

It comes with a tangle free braided cable and comes with an L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack. In this you get many color options. Its price keeps fluctuating from 300 to 350.


  • The bass is good, speaker sound is loud and most importantly,
  • they are really comfortable to ears.
  • The braided cable quality is good
  • overall they are very lightweight.
  • the 3.5 mm jack is also worth.


  • The earphone material may feel cheap because it is made of plastic.
  • Bass is not that good

At this price point, this earphone offers decent audio quality, which makes the Mivi Rock and Roll E5 number 3 on our list.

#No.2 Ambrane Wired Earphones

Ambrane Wired Earphones come at number 2 in the list. Friends, the driver is available in this at the lowest price, it comes with tangle free cable.

It gets a large 12mm sound driver, which provides decent bass and audio quality. With the design of these earphones, they will fit comfortably in your ears.

This earphone comes with in-built microphone and integrated button controls. Voice assistant is also supported in this.


  • Really good quality sound..
  • buds fit perfect in the ear.
  • 5 stars for the design.


  • Quality of the rubber used in the cable is not that great, Cable is a little thicker.
  • Personally, for me the only major drawback is the quality of vocals

This Ambrane Wired Earphones comes with 3 color combinations. In this, 12mm sound drivers are available at such a low price. And with it other features are also available. Because of this Ambrane Wired Earphones come at number 2 in our list.

#No.1 Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop Wired in Ear Earphones

And at number 1 comes Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop Wired in Ear Earphones. Friends, it comes under Rs.350 but Rs.350 is one of the best earphones which comes with premium build quality and sound quality.

It comes with a 45-degree angle driver position for comfortable fitting, gets an adjustable earloop and comes with an L shape audio connector.

It has a 12mm big sound driver, in which HD sound quality and deep bass are available. If you have a habit of listening to loud music then this will be the best for you. Integrated button controls are available with an in-built microphone.

And the features of voice assistant are also available. It comes with an IPX5 water resistance rating.


  • The sound quality is far better than expected and the mic is also good.
  • ¬†comfortable and Perfect fit
  • Great headphones with the good build quality.
  • great quality at affordable price


  • cable quality needs to improve little

If you want an earphone under Rs.350 with the best features, build quality and good audio experience, then you can buy Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop earphones without any issue. This justifies its price and provides you with the best features, so this earphone is NO on our list. came on 1

Now let’s talk about which comes earphones between Rs 350 to 400, and you get the best sound quality. Both are boat earphones in which you get the boat’s signature audio.

The first one is the boAt Bassheads 100 which is the cheapest earphone to come from Boat.

The second earphone is boAt Bassheads 102, which is also a very good earphone, in which you get the best build quality and sound quality. And it comes with magnetic earbuds. According to the price, it gets decent features and the best audio quality.

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