Jbl C50HI in-ear headphones review | JBL earphones under 500

Hello friends, if you are looking for a good earphone for under 500, then today I am going to review in this article JBL’s cheapest and best earphone phone named JBL C50HI, it comes with an in-ear design. It comes in the JBL Earphone 500.

In this article, we will talk about the review, specification, and features of this Jbl c50hi in-ear headphones. and The price range in which this earphone is available is it value for money for you or not?

BL C50HI, Wired in Ear Headphones with Mic

Jbl c50hi in-ear headphones review | JBL earphones under 500

Short description

  • 8.66mm drivers have been given in it
  • it is tilted at 45 degrees which gives you a good fit
  • L shape 3.5mm jack

Box contents

An earphone, a safety guide, and a user guide are available in the box and apart from these, some extra eartips are available in small and large sizes.

Eartips are very soft, even if you use them for a long time, there will be no problem

Jbl c50HI build quality

Now let’s talk about its build quality, the earbuds come in plastic casing and JBL branding has also been done on them. Also, it is tilted at 45 degrees which gives you a good fit. Along with this, the marking on the earbuds left and right is also done.

There is a small hole in the earbuds, through which the acoustics can be heard quite clearly. Apart from all this, the earbuds of the earphone are also quite lightweight, due to which even if you use them for a long time, there will be no problem with your ears.

But the look and feel of the earbuds of this Jbl c50hi in-ear headphones are not that premium. It looks decent with a subtle glossy finish.

In the middle of the wire is a plastic build, and an in-line remote is available with a sleek glossy finish, In which a MIC for calling calls and a button that you can use for multiple functions.

The wire used in this is a very thin wire, I did not find it too strong and also it is not tangle-free, so if the wire gets tangled then it will have to be solved. JBL says that this is a durable or long-lasting tune cable.

And the end of the wire of the earphone is found in the L shape 3.5mm jack through which you can connect your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. And this jack is gold-plated, so its quality looks quite good.

And it is of L shape which is a good thing, in general, the earphones are bad because when putting the earphone in the phone, keep them in the pocket or sit somewhere.

Due to the overall design it gets, it fits well in the ear and also does not allow sound leakage from your ears. And if you do jogging, workout and GYM etc., then you will not get out of your ears.

button function

Talking about the button function, by pressing the button once, the call can be picked up and the call can be cut by pressing the same button again.

While listening to music, if you click the button 2 times, the track will be next and if you press it three times, it will be previous.

But here the option to control the volume is not found, you will have to control the volume from your phone itself or you will have to increase or decrease the volume of the device with which you are using this earphone.

sound quality and performance

For good sound quality performance, 8.66mm drivers have been given in it, through which power full bass output is available, say jbl.

The main function of earphones is their sound output. Sound Output I really liked these Jbl C50HI in-ear headphones because the sound quality found in JBL earphones has a slightly different touch. And that touch is heard in this earphone.

The vocals are quite clear, the sound of the instrument is also heard very well, and the vocals are quite clear even at even high volumes. The bass is also very well balanced and the overall sound output is loud too.

So overall sound output I really liked this earphone for its price. And this earphone comes with a noise-cancelling mic, so there is no problem during calls.

Realme Buds 2 earphones vs JBL C50HI

And if we compare this Jbl C50HI with realme Buds 2 Earphones , then the build quality of realme buds is absolutely amazing. The realme buds come with a braided cable which is a very good quality material.

The buds of realme earphones are also made of plastic and the earbuds of jbl are also made of plastic. In realme, the driver size is slightly bigger, due to which the bass also gets a little better.

But the overall sound output is better than that of Jbl C50HI in comparison to Realme. There is a lot of difference in the build quality of the wires of both earphones but the length of both is the same 1.2 meters. In realme, 6 months warranty is available but a JBL 1-year warranty is available.

Lastly, if you are fond of music, you want very good sound output from earphones, then you should consider JBL. Otherwise, Realme Buds are also very good earphones but if you want good build quality and for more ruffly use and in which good sound output is also good then realme is good for you. But if you compare it with JBL then the sound output of jbl is good. You can consider realme Buds 2 wired earphones.

Is JBL C50HI good?

yes jbl c50hi is good for the best music output and fiting

Does JBL C50HI have mic?

yes, this earphone has a mic. it comes with decent mic quality

Is JBL C200SI Noise Cancelling?

So overall sound output I really liked this earphone for its price. And this earphone comes with a noise-cancelling mic, so there is no problem during calls.

Which JBL earphone is best under 500?

in my opinion jbl c50hi is the best option under 500

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