Level Up Your Gameplay with the Otherworldly Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, review

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo includes both a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse. This set aims to provide you with a smooth and immersive gaming experience and is specially designed for gamers.

The purpose of this review is to rate the features, functionality, and general quality of the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.

And by reading this review in-depth, buyers will be able to decide for themselves whether this gaming keyboard and mouse combo is suitable for their gaming needs or not.

Design, build quality, keyboard and mouse functionality, software customization, advantages and disadvantages, and cost and value for money are just some of the topics that will be covered in the review.

The review will end with a suggestion for potential buyers and offer a final comment on the product.

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter USB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set, 3 Color LED Backlight, Upto 2400 DPI 5 Button LED Mouse

cosmic byte dark matter gaming keyboard and mouse combo review

Short descriptions

  • Ergonomic gaming design, backlit keyboard, and keys
  • Four dpi transmission up to 2400 dpi for mouse, quiet and precise keystroke.
  • High-quality membrane for keyboard, 19 keys anti-ghost
  • Country of Origin: China

Design & Build Quality

Description of keyboard design:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard features a beautiful yet practical design that was put into careful consideration. Along with the traditional full-size layout and 104-key arrangement, it is used most often.

The keyboard is compact and slim designed to take up less space on your desk and at the same time bring you a comfortable typing experience.

During long gaming time, the regularly spaced keys and satisfying tactile feel make it easy to find and press the appropriate keys. Typically made from dependable ABS plastic, the keycaps are long-lasting and resistant to wear and stress.

Double-shot injection-molded keycaps, which provide better longevity to the keyboard and prevent the key legends from fading over time, may also be available on some keyboard variations.

The top row of keyboards often has dedicated multimedia keys that give you quick and efficient access to volume controls, media playback, and other frequently used features.

It also has a Windows Key Lock feature to prevent players from accidentally mids-keying keys while playing.

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Evaluation of build quality and durability:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard is usually made with exquisite craftsmanship. It is made of durable materials that can resist heavy use.

To ensure durability and longevity, the keyboard chassis is often made of high-quality plastic or metal.

The overall build quality of the keyboard is greatly affected by the key switches employed. They are usually mechanical or membrane switches, although the exact switch may vary depending on the version.

While membrane switches deliver a quiet and soft keystroke, mechanical switches deliver a tactile and responsive typing experience.

It doesn’t matter what type of switches are used, the build quality of the keyboard guarantees that the switches are firmly attached and provide reliable performance throughout.

The keyboard is built to resist the demands of gaming, including frequent use and repeated typing.

It often has spill resistance, which protects against unintentional liquid spills that could potentially damage internal parts. This function makes the keyboard even stronger.

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming keyboard is built with durability in mind, so it can withstand the demands of gaming and deliver reliable performance for a long time.

Analysis of mouse design and ergonomics:

The ergonomic design of the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Mouse puts user convenience and comfort first.

Its ergonomic design provides a natural grip that reduces strain during long gaming sessions. It is made to fit comfortably in the hand.

Keyboard Features and Performance

cosmic byte dark matter gaming keyboard and mouse

The typical mouse has a streamlined, symmetrical form that accommodates left- and right-handed players. It can be held comfortably in the palm or paw, depending on the inclination of the user.

The carefully placed buttons provide a pleasant click, ensuring a quick and accurate response while playing.

The surface of the mouse is rubberized to provide a firm grip and prevent slipping, even during vigorous gaming activities.

This function improves control and accuracy, especially in busy gaming environments.

The mouse usually has regular left and right clicks, as well as a scroll wheel that can be clicked. Additionally, there are side buttons that can be programmed to perform specific in-game activities or macros.

The haptic feel and clearly marked marks of the scroll wheel enable precise scrolling and weapon selection.

cosmic byte dark matter gaming keyboard and mouse

The high-precision optical sensors incorporated in the mouse ensure accurate tracking and response at various DPI (dots per inch) settings.

Due to its ability to adjust DPI levels, gamers can fine-tune the cursor sensitivity as per their preferences and gaming requirements.

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Mouse is an excellent choice for extended gaming sessions due to its ergonomic comfort, precise controls, and adjustable capabilities.

Cosmic byte dark matter Keyboard Features and Performance

Key layout and design

Main Design and Layout:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard features a full-sized keyboard setup with 104 keys and a generally traditional key layout. The consistent spacing and comfortable shape of the keys enable quick and accurate typing while gaming.

For players who need to input numbers, a numeric keypad is available on the right side of the keyboard.

Typically, keycaps are simple in design and feature legible key legends. This makes it possible to quickly identify the keys even when it is dark outside.

Additional media control keys, such as volume and playback controls, may be present on some keyboard variations and may be placed on the top row for easy access.

Keycaps & Switch:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard can offer a variety of switch options, including mechanical switches or membrane switches. Mechanical switches provide a tactile and responsive feel, with variations such as linear, tactile, or clicky switches.

On the other hand, membrane switches provide a quieter and softer keystroke experience.

The keycaps are made from sturdy ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.

Double-shot injection-molded keycaps, which provide increased longevity and prevent the key legends from fading over time, may also be included with some changes. Backlighting can usually shine through these keycaps, increasing the overall aesthetics.

Backlighting Options and Customization:

To provide an immersive gaming environment, the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard features programmable backlighting settings.

Typically, LED (light emitting diode) lights are mounted under the keycaps to provide backlighting.

cosmic byte dark matter gaming keyboard and mouse

Various lighting effects, including static colors, breathing effects, and dynamic lighting patterns, are available on the keyboard. Typically, users can adjust the color, brightness, and speed of the backlighting effect to suit their tastes.

RGB lighting for each key on keyboard variations may also allow individual customization of color and lighting effects for each key.

The backlighting can be customized using specialized software such as the onboard controls located on the keyboard.

Users can customize their gaming setup to meet their preferred aesthetics because of this versatility.

Performance during gaming sessions:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming keyboard is built to deliver consistent and quick performance while playing games.

Deciding between mechanical and membrane switches can affect the typing experience and responsiveness.

Precise and quick typing is made possible by the tactile feedback and actuation points provided by the mechanical switches.

For gamers who require quick input and response, especially in competitive gaming situations, this can be beneficial.

Compared to mechanical switches, membrane switches have a softer keystroke which can be more comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

Anti-ghosting and N-Key Rollover (NKRO) technologies are incorporated on the keyboard to ensure that simultaneous multiple key presses can be logged reliably. As a result, gameplay can continue smoothly and without interruption.

Additional Features and Functionality:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard may offer more features and capabilities apart from the primary ones that have already been discussed. These may include:

1.Windows Key Lock: This function locks the Windows key to avoid unintentional interruptions when you are playing.

2. Macros can be recorded and assigned to individual keys in some keyboard variations, allowing complex activities to be performed with just a single key press.

3. Gaming Mode: To reduce unintentional key presses that interfere with games, this feature disables several keys (such as the Windows key).

4. Programmable Keys: Some models may come with programmable keys that can be programmed to perform specific actions or macros.

5. Control of Multimedia: Dedicated media keys enable quick and easy access to playback, volume adjustment, and other multimedia features without leaving the game.

These additional features and functionality improve the overall gameplay experience, which also gives players more convenience and personalization possibilities.

Mouse Features and Performance

Design and Ergonomics:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Mouse has been designed keeping in mind both aesthetics and ergonomics. Its design is generally a sleek and streamlined design that is loved by gamers.

The shape is designed to fit the mouse comfortably in the hand, ensuring a natural grip and reducing fatigue during long gaming sessions.

The ergonomic design of a mouse takes into consideration factors such as hand shape, grip style, and button placement.

It is often designed for a comfortable palm grip or a good claw grip keeping in mind the different preferences of the user.

Buttons are strategically placed within easy reach, allowing quick and intuitive access during gameplay.

cosmic byte dark matter gaming keyboard and mouse

The mouse has a textured or rubberized surface, which provides a secure grip and prevents slippage, even during fast and furious movements.

This enhances control and accuracy, ensuring precise cursor movement in gaming scenarios.

DPI and sensitivity options:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Mouse features adjustable DPI (dots per inch) settings, allowing users to customize the cursor sensitivity as per their preferences and gaming needs.

DPI refers to how sensitive the mouse is to movements, with higher DPI values, indicating faster cursor movements.

cosmic byte dark matter gaming keyboard and mouse

The mouse offers multiple DPI levels that can easily be switched on-the-fly. This feature allows gamers to customize mouse sensitivity according to different gaming situations.

For example, a low DPI setting may be preferred for precise aiming in first-person shooters, while a high DPI setting may be appropriate for quick cursor movements in strategy games.

Button configuration and customization:

The mouse has a variety of buttons that the individual can configure and customize to suit their gaming preferences.

These typically include standard left and right buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and additional side buttons.

Side buttons are often programmable, allowing users to assign specific functions or macros to them.

This customization enables gamers to execute complex actions with the press of a button, giving the game a competitive edge.

Depending on the mouse model, it may also feature additional buttons located near the index finger or thumb, further increasing the customization possibilities.

Performance in different gaming styles:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming mouse is designed to deliver reliable performance across a variety of gaming styles.

Its high-precision optical sensor ensures precise tracking and response, providing seamless cursor movement during gameplay.

The mouse performance shines in a variety of gaming genres, such as first-person shooters, strategy games, role-playing games, and more.

Adjustable DPI settings allow gamers to fine-tune cursor sensitivity to match the needs of each game.

This versatility ensures optimal performance and control regardless of gaming style.

Additional Features and Functionality:

In addition to the core features mentioned above, the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Mouse can offer additional features and functionality, such as:

1. RGB Lighting: Mouse often includes customizable RGB lighting, allowing users to personalize the appearance and create an immersive gaming environment.

2. Onboard memory: Some variants of the mouse come with onboard memory, which allows users to save their favorite settings and profiles directly on the mouse.

This ensures that even when switching between different computers, their settings remain the same.

3. Weight Customization: Some models may offer a weight customization option, allowing users to adjust the weight of the mouse to their liking for better control and comfort.

4. Software Customization: The mouse usually comes with software that provides additional customization options. This software allows users to configure button assignments, create macros, adjust DPI settings, and customize lighting effects.

These additional features and functionalities contribute to a more personalized and immersive gaming experience, allowing gamers to tailor the mouse to their specific preferences.

Software and Customization:

A. Overview of the supplementary software

Dedicated software that improves the customizing possibilities and functionality of the peripherals is often included with the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse set.

Users can create custom profiles and modify numerous parameters using the software’s user-friendly interface.

The software enables users to set up key bindings, develop macros, modify RGB lighting effects, and fine-tune DPI settings for the mouse and keyboard.

In order to manage and personalize the gaming peripherals in a centralized platform, a seamless and customized gaming experience is provided.

B. Keyboard and mouse customization options:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse come with companion software that offers a wide range of customization options. These choices could include:

1. Key assignments: Keys on the keyboard can be remapped to carry out alternative actions or macros. This gives players the option to design shortcuts for gameplay or work-related tasks.

2. The software enables users to create sophisticated macros by saving a series of keystrokes or mouse movements.

These macros offer a convenient way to send many commands with a single keypress because they may be set to individual keys.

3. Lighting personalization: Through the software, users can alter the RGB lighting effects on the keyboard and mouse. To complement their gaming setup or personal preferences, they can choose from a variety of colors, lighting patterns, and effects.

4. DPI adjustment: The software allows users to change the mouse’s DPI settings, which provides fine cursor control.

Users can quickly switch between different sensitivity choices by setting multiple DPI levels and assigning them to particular profiles or buttons.

C. Functionality and a user-friendly interface:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse’s software is made to have an easy-to-use interface and intuitive functionality.

Typically, it has a visually appealing layout that makes it easy for users to browse through various modification options.

Users may easily access and adjust settings thanks to the interface’s simple design, which prevents needless complexity.

Users may quickly recognize and personalize specific keys and mouse buttons thanks to the software, which frequently offers visual representations of the keyboard and mouse.

Additionally, the program might include profile management features that let users create and preserve many profiles for various games or usage scenarios. This enables easy switching between settings that are tailored to meet particular demands.

The general user interface is created to be intuitive, with tooltips that direct users through the modification process and clear labeling throughout.

The objective is to offer a simple and effective method for customizing gaming accessories to suit individual tastes.

Summary of the review:

In this study, we looked at the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse set and evaluated its salient characteristics, functionality, and performance.

Precision and ease of use are made possible by the keyboard’s full-size layout and ergonomic key design. Users can choose between membrane switches, which give a quieter typing experience, and mechanical keys, which offer tactile feedback and responsiveness.

The gaming setting is made more interesting and unique by the keyboard’s programmable backlighting options.

The gaming mouse is included with the keyboard and has an ergonomic design for comfortable use during lengthy gaming sessions.

The DPI settings are user-adjustable, offering precise cursor control at different levels of sensitivity.

The mouse also has programmable buttons, enabling customized configurations and speedy completion of challenging tasks.

The software included with the combo expands the keyboard and mouse’s customizability options.

To provide a customized gaming experience, it offers a user-friendly interface for remapping keys, creating macros, adjusting RGB lighting effects, and fine-tuning DPI settings.

Recommendation for potential buyers:

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse set is highly recommended for gamers looking for an economical and feature-rich gaming accessory bundle.

With the option to select mechanical or membrane switches, giving tactile feedback or a quieter typing experience, it accommodates a wide range of gaming preferences.

The keyboard’s dedicated multimedia keys and programmable illumination provide the gaming setup with added functionality and appeal.

The ergonomic layout of the gaming mouse and its configurable buttons further enhance the comfort and adaptability of the gaming experience.

Users who utilize the accompanying software have access to a wide range of customization options for both the keyboard and mouse, enabling them to adjust settings and design unique profiles to fit different gaming genres.

Final thoughts on the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse combo:

In conclusion, gamers looking for a cost-effective option without sacrificing performance and usefulness may consider the Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse combo.

A seamless and engaging gaming experience is made possible by its ergonomic design, key customization, and changeable DPI settings.

The Cosmic Byte Dark Matter gaming keyboard and mouse set is an attractive option for both recreational and competitive gamers due to the combination of a multifunctional keyboard and a responsive gaming mouse, as well as the ease of software customization.

This set has the capabilities to enhance your gaming performance and enjoyment whether you’re engaging in fierce online combat or losing yourself in the newest single-player adventure.

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