jio dive vr headset review in india

A comfortable choice that is affordable and compatible with a variety of cellphones is the Jio Dive VR headset. It has a remote control, built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, and adjustable straps. Along with the purchase, you also get a free 30-day trial membership to the JioImmerse app, which gives you access to a variety of VR activities, games, and movies.

jio dive vr headset review

jio dive vr headset review

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The benefits and drawbacks of the Jio Dive VR headset are listed below:


  1. Affordability: The Jio Dive is affordable, making it available to a wider range of people.
  2. Comfortable Design: The headset’s adjustable straps make it easy for customers to find a comfortable fit.
  3. Versatility is provided by its compatibility with both Android and iOS mobile devices.
  4. Built-in Headphone Jack: A 3.5mm headphone jack makes it simple to connect headphones.
  5. Free Subscription: Users can discover a range of VR content with the JioImmerse app subscription.
  6. Decent Field of View: The headset has a good field of view, which improves the immersion.
  7. Reliable Tracking: The Jio Dive headset’s tracking abilities are generally strong, allowing for natural engagement in the VR world.


  1. Issues with Fresnel Lenses: Glare and discomfort may be felt while using Fresnel lenses.
  2. Lower Resolution: The Jio Dive’s resolution may not be as high as that of certain other VR headsets, which could impair image quality.
  3. Audio Quality: When compared to more expensive VR headsets, the built-in speakers might not produce the best audio quality.
  4. Tracking Reliability: There may occasionally be problems with tracking, making the experience less seamless.
jio dive vr headset review

In conclusion, the Jio Dive VR headset offers comfort and compatibility, making it an appealing choice for people on a tight budget. Even though it might not have the best audio or resolution, and there could occasionally be tracking errors, it still provides a good VR exp

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