Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo review

Due to its appealing style and functionality, players appreciate the Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo. Here is a synopsis of the combination:

Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Short description

Keyboard: The RGB backlighting on the Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly keyboard offers a variety of lighting effects, brightening settings, and colour selections. For increased comfort during lengthy gaming sessions, it boasts a portable design and a retractable wrist rest. Additionally, the keyboard has keys specifically designated for multimedia and anti-ghosting features.

Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Gaming mouse: Included in the package is a gaming mouse with DPI settings that may be changed from 800 to 3200 DPI. It contains RGB lighting that complements the aesthetics of the keyboard and is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The mouse includes excellent tracking and configurable buttons for accurate motions.

Durability: The Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly combo has a reputation for having a sturdy design. The keyboard is protected from unintentional liquid spills by its strong frame and spill-resistant design. The mouse is made to last for a long time and can resist heavy use.Operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux are all compatible with the combination. It connects through USB and doesn’t need any additional drivers to function at a basic level.

Certainly! The Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo has the following benefits and drawbacks:


The combo has an attractive design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your gaming setup with its eye-catching RGB backlighting and varied lighting effects.

Comfy and Small Keyboard: The keyboard is small and has a comfortable shape, making it ideal for gamers with little work space. A removable wrist rest is also included for extra comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Adjustable DPI Mouse: The gaming mouse that comes with the package has DPI settings that you may change to suit your preferences and gaming requirements.

Sturdy Design: The set was constructed with longevity in mind. The keyboard and mouse are made to resist heavy use, and both have a strong frame.

Reasonable Cost: The Dragon Fly combo provides an excellent mix of functionality and affordability, making it a cost-effective choice for gamers.


The membrane key mechanism used by the keyboard may not offer the same tactile sensation and responsiveness as mechanical keyboards. For players who favour mechanical switches, this could be a downside.

Limited Programmability: The combo does not provide many choices for keyboard or mouse programming. The options may be limited if you need sophisticated customising features.

Limited DPI Range: Despite the mouse’s customizable DPI settings, it may not have a maximum DPI range as high as some other gaming mice available on the market. For gamers who favour extremely high sensitivity, this could be a disadvantage.

The combination requires a wired USB connection, which may reduce flexibility and add to the mess of cables on your desk.

Overall, the Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo provides dependable performance, an attractive design, and RGB illumination at a reasonable cost. It’s a terrific choice for gamers seeking for a set that balances affordability and outstanding looks.

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