Portronics harmonics twins 33 review and unboxing | compact earbuds

Portronics harmonics twins 33

Portronics harmonics twins 33 review

Short description

  • Equipped with composite 6mm Membrane Drivers
  • Charging Case extends playtime up to 27 hours, and a 6-hour playtime to keep you and your Twins 33 on the go
  • USB-C cable- just charge for 5 minutes and enjoy 30 mins of interruption-free playtime.
  • charging case only 25g , and each earbud weighs just 3.5g.
  • Smart touch control

Today we will talk about compact earbuds that come from Portronics. And its name is Portronics harmonics twins 33. These earbuds come in the budget price range with compact. Today in this article we will review the same Portronics harmonics twins 33 and tell its specifications and features.

Portronics harmonics twins 33 box content

In the box content of Portronics harmonics twins 33. In this a user manual, apart from this one-year warranty card is available in it, which you will be able to register by scanning the QR code.

And it gets extra silicone ear tips, if you feel that it is not fit, then you can use any of these large , medium, and small ear tips for fitting. And it has a charging cable type C which you can use with a 5w or 10w charger.

Portronics harmonics twins 33 built / design

Portronics harmonics twins 33 I found this device quite attractive in terms of look and feel. It is very compact in size and its weight is 32 grams which I found very impressive.

Talking about the build quality of harmonics twins 33, they have used plastic material to make this device. I didn’t see any problem with the build quality. But Hinge could have been a little bit better.

Talking about the earbuds of the device, they are also quite compact and the design will also be seen to be unique. And fitting will also get proper, if you are wearing it while running, jogging, or gaming, then I did not face any problem of falling. But if you use proper silicone tips according to your ear size, then the fitting will be good.

portronics harmonics twins 33 performance

portronics harmonics twins 33 sound quality

The sound quality of this device is also good, especially if we talk about the driver, the driver is clean and crisp. Even the sound quality of the stereo effect right-left is very good and I liked it.

But I am disappointed with its bass, the bass is very low. First of all, I want to clear one thing that if you want good bass quality, then you should not buy this device at all.

harmonics twins 33 call quality performance

Talk about call quality performance in this harmonics twin 33 is quite decent. In indoor I did not have any problem in terms of calling quality, our voice was heard very well in front and we could hear the voice of the front side. But there was a little problem outdoor, meaning background noise capture was doing.

gaming point of view

I would not recommend this device at all from a gaming point of view. Because I got to see latency lag in this, there is absolutely no for Pubg and call of duty games. If you do casual gaming then you can use this.

portronics harmonics twins 33 key specifications and features

Bluetooth 5.0 is available for connectivity in this device. I did not face any problem regarding connectivity in this device. The Portronics harmonics twins 33 have an IPX4 water resistance rating which is water and sweat resistance. 6mm drivers have been given in this device.

Talking about the charging case, 400mAh battery is available in its charging case. Which gives you 24 hours play performance. And the earbuds are backed by 40mAh battery that can expect 5 to 6 hours of playback performance on a single charge. Talking about my personal opinion, then it can expect 4 to 5 hour playback performance.

The Portronics harmonics twins 33 touch functions

The Portronics harmonics twins 33 also comes with touch sensors which I found responsive.

  • You can play or pause music by double tapping.
  • Touch and hold the right earbud to forward tracks, and touch and hold the left earbud to move tracks backwards.
  • If you want to wake up the assistant, then you have to tap any earbud three times. Your assistant will automatically wake up.
  • You have to double tap to receive the call. And to denay the call, tap and hold it.

conclusion / my opinion

One thing I would like to say this device is good for those who do not like bass that much, who believe in clarity and for those who like clarity, this The Portronics harmonics twins 33 will be perfect, compact, the design is also very good.

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