Ptron tangent plus v2 review and all features | strong bass

Ptron tangent plus v2

Ttron tangent plus v2

Short description

  • 10mm dynamic audio driver generate immersive stereo sound output with mega bass.
  • 18 Hours Playback Time on just 1 Hour Charge, 10 Minutes Charge Offer 6 Hours of Playtime
  • IPX4 Sweat/Water-resistance
  • Bluetooth v5.0; Strong & Stable 10M Connectivity
  • Large Capacity 220mAh Li-Polymer Battery; Type-C Charging Port (cable included); 200 Hrs Standby Time

we will talk about the strong bass Neckband which comes from ptron. Whose name is ptron tangent plus v2. In this article, we will review this ptron tangent plus v2 and tell all the features, key specifications.

Ptron tangent plus v2 built / design

In terms of look and feel, the neckband is quite normal. He has not done anything extra unique, the plastic body is visible. The earbud of its neckband is also seen in plastic but the magnets are definitely seen in case if you are not using it, then you will be able to hang around the neck by sticking both the earbud together.

The earbud of the neckband has hooks for support, batter fitting, and comfort. If you are running jogging or performing any activity then their hook provides slightly better support as compared to normal. By the way, if you want to remove the hook, then you can easily remove it.

Ptron tangent plus v2 performance

tangent plus v2 Sound quality

How will the sound quality be found in this device, first of all, I will talk about its bass, the bass is very strong according to the price range in this neckband. Proper vibration is felt in the ear, if you are listening to bass songs, then proper shaking is heard in your ears.

But travels are a bit weak in this, mids are missing, highs and lows get slightly proper. But the clarity is not that good in this device, so it is a bit compromised. But the loudness is very high on this ptron tangent plus v2 at 100% volume,

I personally was having a lot of difficulty in hearing which means there was ear irritation at 100% volume. At 70 – 80 % volume the balance of bass and travels will sound quite right, especially bass will sound very loud.

Call quality

The call quality performance in the device is decent. if you are doing the normal calling, there will be no problem in the in-door. But if you are in the outdoors and there is a commotion, the car is going on all around, then there may be some problems there.


I would not recommend this device at all from the point of view of gaming. Because in this potron tangent plus v2 I found latency lag.

Ptron tangent plus v2 key specifications and features

If you look at the specifications of this ptron tangent plus v2 in this price range, then it gets Bluetooth version 5.0. And I do not have any problem regarding connectivity, it operates easily in the range of 10 meters.

This tangent plus v2 gets a rating of IPX4 which is a very good thing, if you do gymming, work out, then there is no problem because it is sweat and water-resistant.

It has a 200mAh battery and in terms of battery backup, the company says that you will get 18 hours of battery backup on a single charge. Talking about my personal opinion, you can expect up to 10 – 12 hours of battery backup on a single charge if you are listening to it at 80 to 100% volume.

In this, they have given one thing well, it has a Type-C port for charging. And fast charging is available, up to a 10-watt charger can be used to charge this device.

The ptron tangent plus v2 gets 10mm drivers that do justice to the sound quality performance.

conclusion / my opinion

This ptron tangent plus v2 is not bad at all in this price range. If you are a bass lover then you should definitely check out this neckband, it is a very good neckband.

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