Dizo wireless active neckband review and full features

Dizo wireless active neckband review and full features

Dizo wireless active neckband review and full features

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Today we will give review of dizo wireless active neckband launched by dizo and full information about it.

box contents

It got a neckband, a USB to Type C charging cable along with some extra airtips. And a user manual has been given in it.

design and build quality

Talking about the design, its design is also like other neckbands. Its build quality is very good for the price. The quality of the wire given in the neckband is also very good, a thin line has been given above the wire, which will give a very good feeling on touching the wire.

The earbuds are made of plastic build quality and get magnetic connect, disconnect. If you put it in the ear, then you get the same feel as in other neckbands of realme or dizo.

If you do heavy workouts then I will not recommend it. But if you do normal workouts like running or yoga, then you can do it by wearing it defiantly.

The latest version of Bluetooth 5.3 is available in this neckband. To connect it with the phone, simply you have to detach the earbuds and you have to turn on the bluetooth of your phone and connect the dizo neckband.

sound quality and bass

I listened to some songs in it and I would call it average in terms of sound quality. Bass is strong in this, if you are a bass lover then definitely you are going to like its bass.

But I found the clarity to be a bit low, the trable could have been a little better and the sound stage could have been better. But here DIZO has given a lot of bass.

But if you put it on balance mode then you will get a little more. But if you listen to it on Bass Boost Plus, then the clarity is completely lost and you get to hear the bass itself.

But if you listen to it on bright mode, then the whole bass will be lost and you will only hear the voice of the singer, which is a very bad thing.

The best sound quality is available inside in balance mode, but even in that I found the clarity average. Clarity should have been better. Overall sound quality is average.

But due to the use of SBC codec in this, if you listen to high quality audio, then you may feel a little bit here.

For information, let me tell you that 11.2mm drivers have been used in this neckband.

Extra Features

Sweat and dust resistant is seen in this but no IP rating has been given here, because there is no mention anywhere about ip rating. In this you get your support of REALME link.

Along with this, a gaming mode with a flame latency of 88MS is also available, gaming mode will work well if you are a casual gamer then you can use it defenet.

battery backup

Talking about battery backup, the company says that this neckband will get a battery backup of 23 hours and with gaming mode it will get a little less. So by definitly the battery backup is less at this price point and it doesn’t have any special features that you should buy it.

It has support for fast charing, if you charge it for 10 minutes, then it provides 3 hours of playback time. And a USB Type C port is available for charging.


So what is my opinion about this dizo wireless active neckband overall? The neckband is a very simple neckband, to be right, no extra features have been given in it. They have relaunched the old neckband itself with the same name.

If you like this neckband of DIZO then you can buy this dizo wireless active neckband, if you are a normal user. If you are looking for special features or want to take you for special gaming, then you should stay away from this neckband.

By the way, its sound quality is also average, if you like balance sound quality then. It has been given full bass and its clarity is average. Although this dizo wireless active neckband is not recommended from my side. because better neckband are available in this price range in market . And some reviews are also available on our website.

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