Cosmic Byte Equinox Neutrino gaming headset review | best gaming headphone with dolby atoms & 7.1 surround Sound

The Cosmic Byte equinox series headphones offer quite the right value for their price. Today we will review the Cosmic Byte Equinox Neutrino gaming headset and it also belongs to the equinox series. And this premium segment gaming headphone has been launched.

Cosmic Byte Equinox Neutrino gaming headset

Cosmic Byte Equinox Neutrino gaming headset review

Short descriptions

  • get 50mm drivers
  • This headset is fully flexible
  • Dolby Atmos
  • uni-directional microphone mic
  • 324 grams

box contents

1 headphone
1 Type C Female to Type C Male Cable
A Type C To Type C Cable
With a Type C TO 3.5mm jack
And all the wires available here are all braided ones.
and a detachable microphone
a small user manual

Cosmic Byte Equinox Neutrino gaming headset design and build quality

Talking about the first look of Equinox Neutrino Gaming Headset, if you look at the headset from the front, then you will find a very strong headphone. Last time Cosmic Byte had launched Phobos gaming headphones and Phobos was our sturdy headset and that too supported all inputs and this headset also supports all inputs.

Why is this headphone costlier than Phobos because it supports Dolby Atmos. And they will tell what is special in this headphone.

Now let’s talk about the build and outs first. This headset is fully flexible. And its headband is made of memory foam which is quite soft. The top of the headrest gets the Cosmic Bite branding

Now when it comes to the air cushion, it is made of protein leather memory foam and it is also of premium quality. And left and right will be seen written inside the air cups.

Both aluminum and plastic material have been used in the headphones and the quality of plastic that is available is of very premium quality. The middle wire in it is in the spring sap.

Ports and Buttons

It gets mic input, Type C input, dedicated surround sound button, a dedicated mic, on and off button and a volume up down wheel. All these ports and buttons are on one side of the headphone, the other side is nothing.


Talking about the comfort, the comfort is great because the cushion it has is very soft and the headband is also soft. The weight without wire of this Equinox Neutrino Gaming Headset is 324 grams. according to the Gaming headphones is heavy , but after putting on the headphones, there is no feel at all. It is so comfortable because the cushions it has do not press on the ears too much, that’s why. There is definitely no problem in terms of comfort.


Since there are 3 wires available from the box, a Type C to Type C cable can be run directly to the smartphone, which would be a Type C smartphone. Which will support Type C input. If your phone has 3.5mm jack, then you can use Type C to 3.5mm jack wire.

I tried it on ps5 as well, if you want to run it with control on ps5 then it will run with the help of 3.5mm jack. but I would say you run it with the help of USB because 3D audio will also be supported by playing through USB. To turn on 3D audio, go to settings and turn on 3D audio. Then you will get the next level experience in 3D audio.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos for pc which this Cosmic Byte Equinox Neutrino gaming headphone is supported. If you use it on PC, then you have to download the Dolby Access application and as soon as you put the headphones in the PC, then go to the application and select Dolby Atmos for Headphones.

Whenever you use Dolby Atmos, you have to turn off the surround sound of the headphones or else it makes a strange sound. Only then will you be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos if you keep the surround sound off.

To tell the experience of Dolby Atmos, I was playing War John game, left and right inside the game, the sound of the far away sound seemed to be correct. The experience in this is very strong, in terms of gaming, I am telling this according to Dolby Atmos.


In this you get a uni-directional microphone mic. Uni-directional means that the side where the mic will face the sound will go well. The uni-directional microphone is provided for this, if you are gaming and there is a ruckus next to your room, it will cancel it to a great extent. The quality of the mic is also good.

music experience

The quality of the sound is of bass mode type in terms of music, Treble is quite crisp, loudness is also balanced according to the music. If you are not a bass lover, you like the smooth type of bass, then that is the one inside because it is a gaming headset. Can’t expect much bass. Treble is crisp, loudness is good, so you can consider it for overall music as well.

Inside it we get 50mm drivers, so its accoding sound is good. I used it on the phone as well and saw it and the experience was good too. And it plays on ps5 and you use USB to play it on ps5 because you can also turn on 3D audio by playing through USB. There is no problem regarding the sound quality in this gaming headset in this range.

software support

If you spend so much money, then you also get software support in it, two. One is Dolby Access, the other is Cosmic Byte’s own software, in which you also get to see different different modes.

But this Cosmic Bite Equinox Neutrino gaming headset doesn’t get any RGB lighting.


Here is our full review of the Cosmic Bite Equinox Neutrino Gaming Headset. If you want a gaming headset then in this price range then you definitely buy this gaming headphone. Its buying link is below.

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