Best bluetooth speakers under 1000 with high bass and Portable Bluetooth Speaker India 2022

Today in this article we are going to talk about best bluetooth speakers under 1000 with high bass. And I am going to tell you which Bluetooth speaker will be best for you. Because we are going to test its sound clarity, its bass and also its loudness.

Best bluetooth speakers under 1000 with high bass

Right now we have the top 4 Bluetooth speakers in India that are available in the Rs 1000 range. And we have selected them based on their top ratings, great reviews and they are Boat Stone 180 5W Bluetooth Speaker, Mivi Room 2 Wireless Speaker, Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker and Portronics SoundDrum 1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

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Talking about the design, the Mivi Mi and Portronics get a very premium design inside and their material quality is also very good. And if I talk about boat speaker, then its metrical quality is a bit average.

The Boat, Mivi and Mi get a splash-proof design inside, so that any water spillage and splash will keep your speakers very much safe. But when it comes to Portronics, no water proof or dust proof is available with it.

Here the sound output of 5W is available with Boat, Mivi and Mi. But with Portronics 10W output is available, which is quite good for this price range.

dual speaker setup as well. Built-in mic is also available with all these speakers, so that you can do hands-free calling comfortably.

Battery backup

And there is also a very good battery backup with all these speakers because 24 hours in mivi, 20 hours battery backup in mi is almost available. 10 hours of battery backup is available inside the boat and portronics, which is also very good.


Now if we talk about the ports of these speakers, then the boat Mivi and Mi get micro USB port for charging as well as AUX port is also available. But Portronics gets a Type C port for fast charging and also comes with USB-A.


To do the sound clarity test and realtime test, we played a normal song on all the speakers at a fixed volume and we took the sound clarity test and REALTIME test of all the speakers alternately.

In the clarity test, all the speakers performed very well, with the sound clarity and vocals of all the Bluetooth speakers quite clear.


To test the bass performance of all these Bluetooth speakers, we played a heavy bass song alternately on the same volume on all the speakers and tested all the speakers.

sound clarity test

In my opinion, MI performed the best as I found the bass to be very rich and punchy. Even its surround sound effect was also much better than other speakers.

After mi, Boat and Mivi also performed very well as their bass was quite rich and punchy but not as much as mi. Talking about Portronics, I found the bass performance of Portronics to be low compared to other speakers.

loudness test

In this test we will test the loudness of the speaker and check which speaker plays the loudest without losing its clarity. And to do this test, we have set all the speakers to the max volume and we will use a sound check device to test it.

loudness test

So in this loudness test all the speakers had good sound clarity but the loudest volume was portronics’ 108.1DB, bot 103.2 DB and mi 105.6DB, both of these speakers also performed very well. But the Mivi’s loudness was slightly lower than other speakers at 99.3 dB.

MIC Quality Test

While listening to songs, we often attend calls and the quality of the mic inside matters a lot. In my opinion, the MI’s MIC clarity was very good. And after that the speakers from Boat and Portronic had good MIC quality. And the MIC quality average is found inside the Mivi.
bluetooth range test

We have checked the Bluetooth range of all the speakers in open space and the result of all is as follows.


Portronics -31m
mi- 32m

My Opinion and Final Result

After observing all the tests, my first recommendation would be Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker because mi performed very well in all the tests be it bass, sound clarity or loudness.

Here my second recommendation would be that of the Boat Stone 180 5W Bluetooth Speaker because its performance was also very good but it was a little less in comparison to mi. The third recommendation I would like to give to both Mivi Room 2 Wireless Speaker and Portronics as their performance was also good.

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