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Big news has come from Jio. The Jio Phone Next is going to be launched in India on 10th September 2021. And the amazing thing is that Jio and Google have made this Jio Phone Next 4G together.

Jio phone next 4G

We all know this thing that in today’s date Google works like a leader in the digital world. And Jio has become the king of the telecom sector in India in a way. So this combination is going to be amazing. In today’s article, I am going to share with you what you can expect features and key specifications from this Jio smartphone Jio phone Next 4G.

Jio phone Next expect features

Talk about the features of this Jio phone Next 4G, then it is going to be a full feature phone. Where you are going to get the support of all the applications which you get to see on the Android Play Store and along with it you will get to see the application of Jio.

One thing is clear, this smartphone will be optimized very well for Android OS. Because Google has made a smartphone in collaboration with Jio, then Google will not spoil its own name. Definitely going to have a nice smooth Android experience.

Along with this, the support of voice assistants will also be seen. And the option of the automatic screen to read is also available, many language options will also be seen. And also AI features will also be available with the camera.

So it is meant to say that within the budget segment, Jio has tried to give a lot. And here another has been pressed that this Jio phone Next will be the most affordable smartphone not only in India but inside the world.

Jio phone next 4G

Jio phone Next 4G key specification / expect price in india

If I tell you the key specification of this Jio phone Next 4G. I think the screen could be 4 or 4.3 or 4.5 inches. And there is going to be a 12MP camera at the back and it looks like this, which means there is going to be a single rear camera with LED flash. And there is going to be a selfie camera in front.

If we talk about the price of this Jio phone next 4G. I think its price will probably be Rs 2999 or if it goes above Rs 3499, then it may not become the world’s most affordable Android smartphone. Maybe the price of this smartphone will come down even more.

jio phone next launch date in india

And its availability is going to happen on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi which is on 10th September. Well, today we have the same details available about the Jio phone Next 4G. There is a similar story about Jio and Google’s upcoming smartphone Jio phone next 4G.

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