7 Reasons why buy MacBook, best features of the MacBook,

in this article, I will tell you What things have I liked about this MacBook? If you were a Windows user yet. And you are thinking of buying your new laptop and your budget comes in the premium segment. So whether you should consider this laptop or not. So today you will get 7 Reasons why buy MacBook, which I like very much if I can compare it with Windows laptops.

7 Reasons to why buy MacBook,Below is one after the other

1st reason and features why buy macbook

First of all, let’s talk about the features that I liked the most. That is, you can run all the apps of iPhone or iPad on a MacBook. Without using any third-party app or software. You can also run Android apps or software in Windows, but for that, you will have to use bluestacks or any third-party software. But all those apps do some lag and are heavy.

But you do not need any third-party app for MacBook. You can download it directly from AppStore. Everyone knows that the apps that are on the iPhone are very stable and safe. So then they run well on this laptop as it is optimized for m1 chief. So Honestly is telling that the user experience is amazing, all goes in sync and it does not get you to see the lag and choppiness.

Overall the user experience is very amazing in MacBook with respect to apps or software.

2nd reason [build quelity], why buy mackbook

The second reason is its build quality, the entire laptop is made of metal. And you will not feel from any angle that the laptop is of inferior quality. For metal body, scratch will also not be felt. But the build quality of this laptop is absolutely premium and top notch.

As soon as you use this laptop, you will know that you are using a premium laptop. And this thing makes this laptop very good. Plus the looks of this laptop are also amazing. And by using this laptop, you will feel that you are using a good laptop.

3rd reason [display]

Let’s talk about the third region, that is its display, its display is a very good display, it is like a 2k display. Almost 2k is the regulation and the other thing that the SRGB percentage is found in this display is more than 100%. The SRGB is color calibration. This means that the colors you have are absolutely accurate and quite good, punchy, and show you 25% more color accuracy than that in this laptop.

And the third very important and very good thing is that the brightness level of the MacBook Pro goes up to 500 nits. And for a MacBook Air m1, its pick brightness goes up to 400 nits. Meaning that even if you use these laptops at 30 to 40%, the brightness level that you are going to get is going to be quite amazing in these displays.

There are many other things that make it an amazing display. The color shift does not happen at all, you can see it from any angle, color shift is not seen in this laptop at all. With which you will get a wonderful experience with this laptop.

4th reason and features [trackpad]

According to my, these features are an important feature in any laptop. That is, the trackpad and keyboards of any laptop are used the most. The trackpad on the MacBook is amazing, The trackpad of any laptop cannot match the trackpad of a MacBook or MacBook Air.

The trackpad of the MacBook is glass. It has a very precise trackpad and you do not get any physical buttons in it, you get haptic feedback in it. Meaning the press you click with, then you get haptic feedback and you feel that you have clicked a button. But that button is not there.

It has an amazing trackpad. You can do good editing on this laptop without a mouse. If you are away from home, you cannot use the mouse there, then you can use its trackpad comfortably. A much larger trackpad is available in this laptop and this trackpad is one of the best trackpads of any laptop in this price range.

5th reason and features[ssd]

The SSD that has been put in it is a very fast SSD. Meaning you get a lot of reading and write speed. With the help of which the overall user experience is smooth and consistent. This is also a reason that you should use this laptop if you want an expensive laptop that you are going to run for a long time. So I liked this thing too much

6th reason and features [Battery backup]

Talking about its 6th features, this is the best thing, its battery backup. The company claims that the MacBook Pro will get up to 20 hours of battery backup and the MacBook Air will get 18 hours of battery backup. If I talk about the m1 MacBook, then I get 9 to 10 hours of battery backup at the time of editing.

And if I am using normal. Like browse, movies, and typing do all this work. So that gives me a battery backup of 15 to 16 hours. I don’t think any other laptop in this price range will have as much battery backup as the MacBook.

7th reason and features [safari browser]

Now if I talk about the 7th and last features, then that is the Safari browser. Safari browser works very well This laptop has highly optimized. Open instantly in one click and provides a very smooth user experience. It is fast and very secure too.

So you are only paying the overall premium price. But with that premium price, you are getting the performance and you are not going to get any issue in it, everyone knows that. But on top of all that, the user experience is amazing, everything is so precise and clean, you are going to have a lot of fun using this laptop.

So, friends, those were the features that I found very amazing. If you are in confusion, buy this laptop or not. I definitely buy you. the Buying link is below.

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