Asus vivobook ultra 14 (X413) 11th Gen features and price in india

Friends, Asus has launched its vivobook series laptops in India. These laptops are Intel Core 11 generation powered. And these laptops are designed for the Gen Z.

It is lightweight, power full, styles. Today we are going to tell you about the features and performance of Asus vivobook ultra 14 (X413).

Asus vivobook ultra 14 (X413) 11th Gen features

This laptop is available in exciting color options. Comes with unique design, it is specially designed for the younger audience which we call Gen Z.

It is ultra-portable, you can easily carry it anywhere. The laptop comes with a slim profile of 20mm and weighs 1.4 kg. So this laptop is ultra-thin and lightweight.

You can get Asus vivobook ultra 14 (X413) 11th Gen and Asus vivobook ultra 15 (X513) in the Asus vivobook series. And these laptops are very easy to fit into your bag or bagpack.

This laptop comes with metallic finishing and its screen is 3 sided nano edge display. 84% screen to body ratio is available.

This is with the Asus True to Life video enhancement that enhances your video experience to a great extent.

Talking about the processor, you get three options: Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3, or Intel Core i7, all three are 11th Gen.

Asus vivobook 14 runs on Windows 10 Home. It has 8gb DDR4 RAM and Intel Intel Iris X graphics and NVIDIA MX330 graphics option available, which you are going to get with Intel Core i7.

Talking about storage, it has 512GB SSD, supports PCIe 3.o m.2 SSD, and up to 1TB 2.5 inch HDD. The fingerprint sensor near the touchpad is designed for adrenal security. This vivobook is provided with wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.

The 11th gen Intel processor is quite powerful, although it is not for gaming use but to a large extent, you will be able to play nono heavy games. But it is excellent for office work and for college students.

It also has an HD camera and microphone which is very important in today’s time. Vivabook Ultra 14 uses 3 cell lithium battery

Asus  ultra 14 cooling features

This vivobook comes with an excellent heat dispensing system with 87 bladed ice blade fans. Which keeps this laptop cool to a great extent.

And its cooling system has also been redesigned to a great extent. This vivobook comes with three modes Whisper Balanced and Performance and can change the modes by pressing the function f button.

vivobook ultra 14 keyboard experience and features

Talking about the keyboard, its size is quite good, it is ultra-comfortable and it is 1.4 mm key buttons.

The keyboard’s inter button has a special outline of the space color which gives it a unique look and the inter key button is easily noticeable. You are going to get a very comfortable typing experience on this keyboard.

sound quality and features

The quality of the sound is also very good because its audio system is Herman Kardon Cityified.

The good thing is that it comes with ai noise counseling. There is a clear voice microphone, which allows the background to substantially alleviate the sound.

  • Asus vivobook ultra 14 (X413) 11th Gen It is available in Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 processor options.
  • Asus vivobook ultra 15 (X513) is available in 3 options i3, i5, and i7


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