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Hello friends, in this article we will talk about one of the earbuds launched by Realme, whose name is Realme techlife buds t100.

I have been using these earbuds for about 15 days and today in this article I will give a full review of these Realme techlife buds t100.

hows are its build quality, sound quality and whether you should take these earbuds or not, I will tell you in this article.

Realme TechLife Buds T100 True Wireless Earbuds with AI ENC for Calls,

Realme techlife buds t100 review

Short descriptions

  • it gets a 10mm dynamic driver
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 and also Google fast pair
  • total of 28 hours of playback
  • The water rating of IPX5

box contents

  • Man earbuds will be the first in-the-box content
  • user manual
  • some extra ear tips
  • and a charging cable

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Realme techlife buds t100 build quality and design

Now let’s talk about the design and build quality, design-wise, I liked these earbuds very much, there are available in two colours option one black and the other white. The case of the black-coloured one is seen in the matte finish, and the case of the white-coloured earbuds is seen in the glossy finish.

The earbuds case is quite compact in size, due to which the in-hand feel is quite good. The front of the case gets the Realme Techlife branding and an LED indicator just below. And the USB Type C charging port is available at the bottom.

The interior of the black case has been given in yellow colour, the combination of black and yellow is seen which looks very awesome and everything will be seen as white in the white case.

Talking about the design of the buds, the buds’ design is also very cool, the earbud is similar to the usually design but the design of its stem is given flat. The flat design looks good and the touch controls work well because it has a proper area to touch.

So overall design-wise, I liked these TWS very much, if I tell you about the build quality, then according to the price, there will be no shortage and problem in the build quality.

Realme techlife buds fitting and comfort

In terms of fitting and comfort, Realme techlife buds are the best among t100. It fits nicely in your ears in an excellent way and once you wear it in your ears, it will not fall from your ears.

you can also exercise it comfortably by putting it in the ear, the size and shape of its earbuds have been given very well, due to which you can wear it for a long time. So there is no problem in terms of both fit and comfort.

Realme techlife buds t100 features and specifications

Now let’s talk about its features and specifications, it gets a 10mm dynamic driver, Bluetooth version 5.0 is seen and also Google fast pair is seen.

Dual pairing is not supported in this, that is, you cannot connect more than 1 device to it simultaneously.

battery backup

Talking about the battery, the 40 mAh battery is seen in its single earbuds and the 400mAh battery can be seen in its case. Realme claims that the earbuds will provide 6 hours of battery backup and a total of 28 hours of playback with the case.

According to me, if you talk about battery backup at 70-80% volume, then you will get to see from 4.5 hours to 5 hours with earbuds and up to 24-26 hours with the case.

water resistant

The water rating of IPX5 is seen in T100, this means that these buds are not going to have any problem with light rain or sweat, it is easily resistant.

Touch control

Touch control is also available in this which is as follows

  • Call answer- Doble tap either side
  • Call hang-up – double tap either side
  • Reject call- long press(2-4 sec) on either side
  • Play and pause music- double tap either side
  • Next track- triple tap the right earbuds
  • Previous track- triple tap the left earbuds
  • Volume Up- Long press right side
  • volume down- long press left side
  • Game mode- press and hold both earbuds
  • Reset- long press both side earbuds for 10 second

And in this, you get the support of the Realme link app and you can change or set the touch control by going to the app. And apart from this, you get three audio equalizer modes which you can change according to your own and this app works well in both android and ios.

Realme techlife buds t100 sound quality

Now let’s talk about its audio quality, mic quality and gaming performance. First of all let’s talk about its audio quality in a short and simple way, in this you get good bass, and good treble, vocals are also good.

Now let’s talk in a little detail as three audio equalizer modes are available, in which a balanced mode is seen, a bass boost + is seen and a bright mode is seen.

Seen in balance mode Everything is balanced, in which you get good bass, and good treble and vocals are also heard quite clearly.

But if you want a little more bass or you like more bass, then you can put it in Bass Boost + mode, in which the bass gets a little enhanced and looks better. But clarity is not as good in Bass Boost + mode and it has a slight effect on vocals as well.

If you do not want bass at all, that means you want the bass to be very low and you have to hear very clarity, vocals very clearly, that is, you want to listen to something very carefully or if you are listening to a podcast, then you can switch in the bright mode.

In this, the entire bass is not lost, but in this mode, the main focus remains on that clarity and vocals. The vocals are slightly enhanced in this mode. If you are listening to a podcast or want to listen carefully, then you can use the bright mode.

Overall, if I talk about the sound quality according to the price, the sound quality is very cool, I personally liked it. Especially its bass was very good because it is very rich and good bass according to the price. The sound quality and the highly recommended earbuds from my side are within this pricing range.

Realme techlife buds t100 gaming performance

Talking about gaming performance, it has a dedicated low-latency gaming mode, in which you get to see a low latency of 88ms. Talking about gaming performance, the performance you get to see in it is good.

The sound of the surround is heard well, and the separation of left and right is also heard very well. You can do casual gaming with these earbuds.

my opinion / recommendation

Overall, you also get good build quality, good sound quality and a good gaming experience in this. These earbuds justify their price. Highly recommended from my side if your budget is so much then you must buy this Realme techlife buds t100

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