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When it comes to premium earbuds, Skullcandy is one such brand that offers you premium quality. And one of the Skullcandy earbuds has been launched, which is named Skullcandy mode earbud. The most exciting part of this Skullcandy mode earbuds is their design, look and sound quality.

Skullcandy mod true wireless earbuds

Skullcandy mod true wireless earbuds

Short description

  • A clear voice smart mic
  • Rapid charging technology
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • range of 10-15 meters
  • This earbud is IP55 rated
  • Multipoint pairing

box contents

User guide, one card with buttons’ functions written on it, fAq is found on the back of the card.

a Type C charging cable is smaller and of a different design. And extra silicon ear tips.

Build and Design

Talking about the device, the device gives a very premium feel in terms of look and design. You will feel that you have bought some expensive things. Talking about the build quality of the earbud, it is made of plastic but it is high-quality plastic and has a feel.

This earbud comes with Mate Finishing, scratches come quickly in the earbud with Glossing Finishing as compared to Mate Finishing.

The Skullcandy logo is printed on the top of the case. and the battery indicator light and charging point are given at the bottom. Talking about the hinges, there is a premium feel in opening the case.

The charging case is compact and portable. Talking about the design of the earbuds, it gets the design of these in-ear type buds, the design of the earbuds is very good and the fitting is also quite impressive.

Even if you wear these earbuds at the time running, jogging or doing heavy workouts or jumps, even then these buds do not fall from your ears.

Talking about the textures of the earbuds, a combination of both matte and glossy has been used in it. And silicone ear tips are available, which you can change according to your fitting.

On the top of the earbuds, where the Skullcandy logo is there, the same button is found. These days, touch is provided in all earbuds, but buttons are available in them, so I am a little disappointed. But the button provided is not hard pressed button. So the build and design of the earbuds get quite impressive.

Skullcandy mod earbuds key features

Talking about its hardware, Bluetooth 5.2 is seen in it, it works well in the range of 10-15 meters and does not lag which will impress you a lot.

This earbud is IP55 rated. The sweat or light splash that comes during the workout then becomes they easily resist.


In terms of battery performance, the device claims 34 hours of playback with the charging case. But the buds can claim 7 hours of playback on a single charge, which is pretty good.

Rapid charging technology is also available in these earbuds, providing 2 hours of playback in 10 minutes. So this rapid charging technology proves to be beneficial for the users.

You get some interesting things in these earbuds at this price which are available only in Skullcandy. These things are not found in other Chief earbuds.

Multipoint pairing is seen here, this is such a thing that if you want to pair two devices, you have to pair the laptop and also pair the phone. Like you are watching a movie on a laptop and suddenly a phone comes on your mobile, then you can pick up a direct call and talk. So this is the benefit you get to see with these earbuds.

A clear voice smart mic is available, this mic cancels the noise around you precisely at the time of calling. I found its microphone effective.

Skullcandy offers a find the tile feature so that you can know where you used your earbuds the last time. And you can find it thru earbuds from the app. According to me, this becomes a good feature for a lot of users.

In this you get a stay aware mode, in this mode, you can also hear nearby noises and you can enjoy music too. In this mode, you can also talk to people while listening to the song. This mode often comes in handy there, if you are driving or have to listen to the gym trainer during workout time and enjoy music too.

sound quality

Now comes the debate about sound quality, which plays a very important role in calling any earbuds in the premium segment.

Two things that play an important role are the 6mm drivers fitted in one of the earbuds, which are small in numbers but quite strong in performance. And the second Skullcandy app, you can do a lot of customization with the app.

Normally if you are playing with earbuds then the quality of the trebles will be good, but the bass may sound a bit low. But if you switch to EQ modes, you can increase the bass there. If you like bass a lot.

Applications Overview

If you open the app, first you will get to see the battery information that how much battery is in the left earbud and how much battery is in the right one. And volume control has also been given.

There are some modes in this, in which the music mode has been given first, in the music mode, all the things get balanced, the bass gets a little increase and mids gets reduced a little.

After this, there is a podcast mode, in which the mids get a little better, due to which the delivery of dialogues is heard better because to understand podcasts you have to listen well.

The next mode is movie mode, in this mode balanced sound is heard, and the background separation, and detailing are found behind, which I found quite impressive. Wearing these Skullcandy Mode Earbuds while watching movies will make your experience different.

After that, it also provides you with custom settings, in which you can change the volume, mids, bass and other things according to you.


According to gaming, I found the performance quite right because you get the detailing very strong, man this is the thing in gaming, the anime is coming from the right, and it is important to know from the left. Latency is also low

button functions

Skullcandy mod earbuds button control

my opinion and conclusion

Overall at this price point, this device is quite impacted full in its segment. The first reason is Its application support is available so that you can customize a lot of things which are not found in other earbuds. Which according to me is a considerable point.

Secondly, its design and fitting were very good, if you do the gym or like to work out, then you get a very perfect fit design. The accompanying case is portable and pocketable.

The disappointing thing is that it gets buttons instead of touch. If it had a touch function, it could have become one of the best earbuds in my opinion at this price point.

but still, if you believe in Skullcandy and you want to buy then you can buy

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