Top 5 best smartwatches under 5000 in India 2023

Nowadays smartwatch has become a fashion item and nowadays everyone needs a smartwatch. And today in this article I will tell you the best smartwatch under 5000 which are making a splash in the market today.

best smartwatchs under 5000

We have done a lot of research to select the smartphone below 5000, kept the basic criteria, and ranked accordingly.

Smartwatch Selection Criteria

  • There must be Bluetooth calling.
  • There should be at least 5 days of battery backup.
  • And the smartwatch should have app support.
  • Must have a heart rate sensor.
  • It must be a Spo2 sensor.
  • There should be sports modes.
best smartwatch under 5000

Keeping all these criteria in mind, we have selected your top 5 best smartwatches. According to me, you are going to get a good smartphone rated

5. Fire-Boltt Dynamite smartwatch

The fire-bolt Dynamite smartwatch comes at number 5 on our list. This is an Indian brand. It not only has Bluetooth calling, but it also has 8 days of battery backup life, good app support, and comes with 100+ watch faces. 120+ Sports Mode, IP68 Rating and Fast Charging

So overall, this is a good smartwatch. But the biggest thing is its screen I have the biggest screen in this watch out of the five watches in this list, 1.81 inches. If you have big wrists then this would be great for you.

According to its pricing, it is truly a value-for-money product.

4. New Fastrack Reflex Hello

Number 4 comes FastTrack reflex hello, the most special thing in it is the AI voice assistant. It has a 1.65-inch screen and a battery life of 5 days.

100+ watch faces and custom watch faces, heart rate sensors, Spo2 sensors, and Bluetooth calling are also available in it. And Fastrack is a good brand and it is a good smartwatch in my opinion for its price point. And it also comes with inbuilt games.

3. Noise ColorFit Pro 4

And at number three comes Noise ColorFit Pro 4 its screen is also bigger at 1.72 inches and it has a brightness of 500 nits. Remember, its brightness is very important in a smartwatch because we can see the screen of the smartwatch well even in the sun due to its high brightness.

150+ watch faces are available in this smartwatch and it gets 7 days of battery life. And all the standard features are available. It is value for money according to its value.

2. Dizo Watch R Talk

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Dizo Watch R Talk comes at number 2 on our list. This smartwatch is a round dial smartwatch and has a small display of 1.3 inches but comes with an AMOLED display. And the biggest battery life gets 10 battery life.

It includes Bluetooth Calling, Heart Rate Sensor, Spo2, Watch Faces, App Support, and more many things that come with this smartwatch.

Dizo is very good when it comes to smartwatches and they have just launched multiple smartwatches.

Due to the AMOLED display, the price of this smartwatch is a bit high, but it is available for less than 5000.

1. Realme Watch 3 Pro

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And finally, we have come to the number 1 smartwatch nearly under 5000. Now, friends, all the other smartwatches used to use the phone’s GPS, but the smartwatch did not have a stand-alone GPS.

But at number 1 is the Realme Watch 3 Pro because it comes with stand-alone GPS, not only that, it also comes with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display, so it also has a bigger display, AMOLED display too.

And this smartwatch also gets 10 days of battery life so that is good. It has 110+ watch faces, Spo2, a heart rate sensor, and all the other features that are needed in a smartwatch, that come inside it.

Battery life is the most important and this is also very good in terms of display, so this smartwatch comes on number 1 but the price is below 5000.

This smartwatch offers a lot of things in the 5000 range including GPS that comes in fluxib level smartwatches, so definitely, the Realme Watch 3 Pro comes at number 1 on our list.

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