Mivi DuoPods M30 review | 42 hours of playtime | Made in India | TWS under 1000

Today I am talking about the newly launched earbuds MIVI Duopods M30. This earbud has been launched under 1000 which is the budget segment earbuds. This is a Made in India product.

Talking about its highlight, it gets 42 hours of battery backup and deep bass, 10.5 mm powerful dynamic drivers, water-resistant etcetera. In this article, I will talk about the review, features and specifications of this MIVI Duopods M30.

Mivi DuoPods M30 earbuds | 42 hours of playtime

Mivi DuoPods M30 review | 42 hours of playtime | Made in India | TWS under 1000

Short descriptions

  • it has Bluetooth 5.1 for connectivity
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • total backup of 42 hours
  • you get a micro USB port for charging
  • Touch control is available

box contents

Along with opening the box, there is a user manual, a welcome card and an earbud.

Along with some accessories such as a micro USB cable and additional eartips are also provided.

Mivi Duopods ENC A550

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The shape of the case of the earbuds was almost oval to me from the top and the bottom has a flat design. The top of the case has the Mivi logo. The hinge of the case did not bother me, it is a descent according to the price. And it is completely made of plastic, I also like the quality of its plastic.

The front of the case has a 4 LED indicator which will tell you the battery percentage and the earbuds also get LED.

Talking about the earbud design, the design of the earbud comes in a stemless round shape and it is also good in the fitting. And the build quality is also decent. According to me, the plastic quality should have been a bit better.

According to me, the build quality should have been better. And the hinge quality should have been better by definition as the quality is a bit better in other brands. But the build quality of this MIVI Duopods M30 is down to 1000.

In this, you get a micro USB port for charging, which I did not like at all because today all the earbuds company offers Type C in the earbuds inside 1000.

Mivi DuoPods M30 features and specifications

Talking about its features and specifications, it has Bluetooth 5.1 for connectivity. To connect the earbuds to the phone the first time, you have to take out the buds from the case and then you will have to cause your phone’s Bluetooth on and refresh then you will see its Bluetooth name and you have to click on it to pair.

These earbuds get a water rating of IPX4, and will easily resist water splash and sweat.

Mivi DuoPods M30 water rating

In this, you also get touch control and touches are reduced well.

Touch control is available in this mivi duopods m30.

Mivi DuoPods M30 touch control
  • Can play/pause music.
  • You can next/prev the track.
  • Can answer/end the call.
  • With this, you can wake up your voice assistant.
  • And you can increase/decrease the volume.

Battery backup

Talking about the battery backup, its earbuds have 35, 35mAh battery and if I talk about the battery of the case, then there is a 380mAh battery in the case. Talking about battery backup, then 5 to 6 backups are available from the earbuds and if you add the battery of the case, then you get a total backup of 42 hours. Even though it has a micro USB port for charging, it will be fully charged in 1 hour.

mivi duopods m30 music test

The sound is good according to the 900 and the bass will be of smooth type, something similar to what you get from 1k, 1.5k tws. Loudness is also good, listening at 100% volume is not going to be a problem and the mids is also clear and its loudness is also good.

So there is a balance in terms of overall music and I had tried it while watching movies as well, so the experience was good while watching movies as well. So according to the overall 900, there was no problem with its sound quality.


  • Compact design
  • Excellent42 hours of battery life
  • Balanced audio
  • Lightweight earbuds
  • AAC codec
  • Made-in-India product
  • Responsive touch controls
  • IPX4 water-resistant


  • No type C port
  • Weak magnets
  • No gaming mode

my opinion and conclusion

Overall, if we talk about the conclusion of this MIVI Duopods M30, then there is no problem according to the 900. But I found one thing difficult, just in this, you get type C, if it does matter for you, then it is a different matter. But it gets fully charged in only 1 hour which is a good thing. And the battery backup is also available for 42 hours.

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