Ant esports mk1000 review and features | best mechanical keyboard under 2000

Hey friends today in this article we will tell about a gaming mechanical keyboard which comes at a very low price and which is the ant esports mk1000 keyboard coming from ant esports. And know how is this keyboard and what are features available

Ant Esports MK1000 Multicolour LED Backlit Wired TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ant esports mk1000  review,features and specifications

Short descriptions

  • it has an n-key rollover
  • this keyboard is 10 keyless keyboards
  • 9 pre-set lights effect
  • rubber grip

ant esports mk1000 box contents

Some paperwork is available in its box and along with 500 watchers are available.

ant esports mk1000 build and design

Talking about its build and design, it is made of complete plastic, there is a metal plate inside and the rest is made of plastic if you look everywhere. If you take the keyboard in hand, then you will feel lightweight but accordingly, it does not has flex. Decent quality is found inside it.

And the design of this keyboard is 10 keyless keyboards so if you compare it with your full-size keyboard then the mk1000 keyboard looks compact. If you have less space on your table and don’t get much space to move the mouse then this keyboard Can be easily used above the table.

If you come from those people who like braided cable, then the braided cable is also available inside it. If you look at their keycaps, they are made of moulded abs, that’s a lot of studies. But the finishing is not that good, rough edges will appear in some places. There is no smooth finishing. But most likely it won’t matter much unless you remove and clean the keycaps.

ant esports mk1000 features and specifications

There is a retractable clip on the back of the keyboard, and there is also a rubber grip on it for good stability. And inside this ant esports mk1000, there is 9 pre-set lights effect which you can also turn off.

But I found this one problem the colour is already fixed inside each row, which you can not customize according to you, this one I found a downside. It gets some light presets in which breathing, wave and colour cycle etcetera modes will be available.

If it is a mechanical keyboard, then you also get a floating type keycap, which also looks good and n-key rollover is available inside this keyboard. With an n-key rollover, it happens that if you press too many keys at once, then all the keys will be registered or typed.

On many keyboards press a lot of keys simultaneously, and then all the keys are not registered or typed if you press a lot of keys while gaming, then they are not registered. So that problem will not come if it has an n-key rollover inside this keyboard, then this keyboard is fine for gaming.

And talking about the switches of this keyboard, inside it you get blue atom switches. I haven’t had any problem using it. And multimedia keys are also available inside it, which we can use with the function key.

And one more thing, inside it you get the option to lock the window key while gaming if the window key is pressed by mistake, which disturbs gaming. Talking about the sound, there is a lot of tactile feedback.

I did not find much lack inside this keyboard, one drawback which I have found is that its fonts have been used, if you use it by turning on the light, then it looks good. But if you look from the side with the light off, then the fonts are not visible as well.

my thoughts and opinion

If you do not need a num pad and want a mechanical keyboard that is compact in size and does not take up much space on your table, then this ant esports mk1000 is a very good keyboard according to that. I am also gaming on this keyboard for a long time and have used it normally also so far I have not come to any issues inside this mk1000 keyboard.

And as far as the price is concerned, it comes within a very low price and if you look at the mechanical keyboard, it is quite expensive, according to that, its pricing is very good inside other brands. Below is the buying link for this ant esports mk1000 keyboard. And thanks for reading the full article.

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