JBL tune flex TWS with ANC review | 32H Playtime, Customizable Eartips, Ambient Aware mode

Friends, there are two types of people who use TWS earbuds. One of those people whose ears fit plastic earbuds and the other people whose ears fit silicone earbuds.

JBL has launched one such earbud which will be useful for both the users alone, whose name is JBL Tune Flex. Those who like plastic-fit earbuds, and those who like silicone-fit earbuds, can take it. Because it can be used with silicone ear tips and even after removing the ear tips.

JBL Tune Flex with ANC, Customizable Eartips, 32H Playtime

JBL Tune Flex with ANC, Customizable Eartips, 32H Playtime

Short description

  • Customizable Eartips
  • It gets 12mm drives
  • which will give 2 hours of backup after 10 minutes of charging. tws earbuds get 8 hours of backup with ANC and 32 hours with a charging case.
  • This JBL Tune Flex is IPX4 rated

jbl tune flex unboxing and box content

A Pair of Earbuds, with Charging Case, USB Type-C Charging Cable, Open Ear Tip, Warranty Card and Extra 3 Sizes of Sealing Ear Tips

JBL Tune Flex Build and Design

Here we get a very compact TWS case and the JBL branding on the front. The build quality of the case is quite solid, its hinge is also quite good. The battery induction led is found just above the branding of JBL and the charging port is found at the bottom.

The earbuds are available in a plastic build, the build quality is good and the entire mate is in the finishing. I found the fitting and comfort very good, it also gets extra silicone ear tips which you can change according to your own fitting.

jbl tune flex specs and key features

Talking about key features, it gets Bluetooth version 5.2 and Google Fast Pair is available inside it. As soon as you open the earbud case, a popup window will open on your phone and you can connect by clicking on the connect button.

This JBL Tune Flex is IPX4 rated and resists splashing water or excessive sweating etcetera.

And these TWS come with active noise cancellation, inside it, there is noise cancellation of 6 levels. which you can change by going to its application. there is also an ambient aware mode and a talk thru mode inside it. In talk thru mode, if you want to talk to someone, then you will not need to remove the buds, you can hear the voice clearly.

In ambient-aware mode, it is useful to listen to what is happening around us. And in ANC mode, I got a very good experience and it cancels out the outside noise very well. If it is of 6 levels, then you can change the type of noise concentration you want to keep.

And the Tune Flex earbuds come with touch controls. In this, you can also change the touch control with the help of the application, so customization of touch control is also available inside it.

app support

battery and charging

Talking about battery and charging, we get quick charge wall technology in it, which will give 2 hours of backup after 10 minutes of charging. tws earbuds get 8 hours of backup with ANC and 32 hours with a charging case.


It has 4 mics for Clarity inside, two-two mics on single earbuds. I have checked the mic quality, it is very good and very clear. And also cancels the noise well.

JBL Tune Flex Sound Quality & Music, Multimedia

It gets 12mm drives. The bass is very smooth and clear bass. Inside, the mids are very clear and highs absolutely crips. Overall the sound quality is definitely very good. Definitively there is no problem in terms of audio.

This dot is coming to the mind of many people how is it for gaming? It is basically made for music, according to the music, the experience will be strong. Whether watching movies or listening to songs or in the gym, they are generally made for that type of audience.

my opinion and conclusion

Talking about conclusion, the main highlight of this JBL Tune Flex is that you can change the buds of both the ways of its flexibility. Active Noise Concealment is very good and apps are also supported, through the app you can do a lot of customization on the earbuds.

12mm drives, strong battery backup. come with JBL’s audio legacy. If you feel like buying then you can definitely consider. JBL’s a premium brand, so if its encoding is your budget, then this JBL Tune Flex is a good earbud for brother definitely music.

Does JBL tune have noise Cancelling?

I have checked the mic quality, it is very good and very clear. And also cancels the noise well.

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