Hyperx alloy origins 60 Mechanical Gaming keyboard review

Today we are going to review Hyperx alloy origins 60 Mechanical Gaming keyboard. And this keyboard is a premium segment gaming keyboard.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 – USB-C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Hyperx alloy origins 60 Mechanical Gaming keyboard review

Short descriptions

  • we get a 1.8mm key travel
  • key stabilization, the key will get quite stable
  • HyperX and the red, brown and blue are available

Table of Contents

box contents

Opening the box we see a keyboard, and some documents are found.

An extra spacebar is available on which Hyperx is written, an extra key is available. And a Type A to Type C branded cable is available.

keyboard build quality

This keyboard has a great build quality. And its entire build is metal, and the entire rear portion of the keyboard is made of aircraft aluminium which the brand has mentioned.

The weight of this HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is 759 grams. As for the money, the build quality is obviously very good. And there is a lebasane clip on the back side, there are two levels of lebasane clip, one big one and one small one.

key features

This dot remains in the mind of many people that this is a keyboard with a 60% form factor, it has only 60-61 keys, so we will not be able to work it. This keyboard is used by mostly esport players because they need more space on the table for the mouse etcetera. Or those who want a clean setup and who have no use for Numpad.

In a keyboard with a 60% form factor, this dot remains in the mind of many people that they will continue to use the up-down F and N only a little, at some point in time we have to use it permanently. Software support is also available inside it so that you can customize the light and keys of the keyboard.

And is also a lot of function keys inside it, if you look under the number key, you will find all the function keys.

If I tell you about the key features, it will get all key anti-ghosting, I have personally checked it and there is no problem. 10 keyless keyboards are for gamers only and gaming will not be a problem.

And inside it gets the red linear switches of HyperX and the red ones are the most slanted. The brown ones are the least tacktile and the blue ones the most tacktile.

Talking about key stabilization, the key will get quite stable. Obviously, the keyboard of the premium segment has stable keys.

we get 1.8mm key travel, then there will be a good experience in gaming and there will be no problem in typing. And which are our keycaps, this is double shot PBT keycaps, there is no chance of erasing the texture on top of it.

Talking about its compatibility, it will obviously run on your windows, mac etcetera and will also run on PlayStation and you can also run the keyboard on your smartphone through OTG.

Its RGB key gives a good effect in the dark. And the light passed between the two keys also gets seen good. Obviously, brother is a premium keyboard, so you will get also pass-through light. and good effects in dark.

Talking about the gaming experience, I liked the gaming experience, I played the warzone etcetera game with this keyboard and saw overall everything is good. using the keyboard it seems that we are using a premium keyboard. And having a keyboard with a 60% form factor, then more space is available on the table for mouse movement.

my opinion and conclusion

Now talking about the conclusion, for whom is this keyboard, the first thing is that this keyboard is about 9000, brothers who have a budget and want a premium segment keyboard, only those people should buy this keyboard.

If you have a premium keyboard, then even using it, you will feel that you are using a premium keyboard.

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