Cosmic byte stratos xenon gamepad review features | the all in one wireless gaming controller in india

Today we are going to review the game pad which comes from Cosmic Byte. Whose name is cosmic byte stratos xenon, it was launched on 26 May 20022.

No matter how much you do gaming with keyboard mass, but if you want to get the filling of console, then the gamepad is a next level choice. And remembered from consul that this is stratos xenon gaming controller, we and our team checked it by gaming, and it supports on ps4, ps5, android, ios, pc all just by end of xbox.

Cosmic Byte Stratos Xenon Gamepad for PS4, iOS and Android

Cosmic Byte Stratos Xenon Gamepad for PS4, iOS and Android

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In this article, we will compare the Cosmic Byte stratos xenon controller with the ps4 controller. Since it definitely comes with the features of the controller of the ps4, according to me, the only difference is in the name. You should take an expensive controller of ps4 or this cosmic byte controller can also work, let’s know.

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box content

The look of the brother controller is very tremendous, the controller comes with mate finishing. There is a Type A to Micro USB cable in the box. Micro USB is used because the proply is a controller with ps4. And ps4 also supports micro usb. And a user manual is also available with it.

some features

Talking about the controller, the look of the controller is average and it comes with matte finishing. This controller has 17 buttons and two extra buttons have been given in the back of the gamepad, which you can use for different functions by mapping.

This gamepad has a wireless range of 1 meter and the company says that you will get 12 hours of gaming time in it. But according to me it gets upto 10 hours

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