boat rockerz 255 pro plus vs boat rockerz 333 pro comparison | which is the best neckband

Hello friends, today we are going to compare in this article. The recently launched boat rockerz 330 Pro will be compared with one of the best selling boat neckbands boat rockerz 255 Pro Plus.

boat rockerz 255 Pro Plus used to be one of the best neckbands under 1500 rupees till now. In this article, we will compare Boat Rockerz 330 Pro with Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus.

Both the neckbands will be reviewed, features, specifications, build quality, music experience, microphone and gaming will be compared properly.

And know what type of neckbands these neckbands are and which one you should nbuy between boat rockerz 255 Pro Plus vs boat rockez 330 neckbands.

boat rockerz 255 pro plus vs 333 pro build quality.

Talking about the build quality of the 255 Pro Plus, it comes in plastic build quality. It has flat neckbands and the neckband is made of silicone.

Its cables are also seen in flat cables. And the cable is of good quality. I have used it quite rough and it is going very well so far.

The controllers in the boat rockerz 255 pro Plus are made of plastic. And the controller has 3 buttons, so that you can control the volume and music.

USB Type C prot is available for controller charging. And a flap will also be available here so that you can protect it.

The rear of the controller houses an LED light and a microphone

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