Boat airdopes 181 review-features-specifications | this is compact and stylish earbuds

Hello friends, today we are going to compare this article. The recently launched boat rockerz 330 Pro will be compared with one of the best selling boat neckbands boats rockerz 255 Pro Plus.

boat rockerz 255 Pro Plus used to be one of the best neckbands under 1500 rupees till now. In this article, we will compare Boat Rockerz 330 Pro with Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus.

Both the neckbands will be reviewed, features, specifications, build quality, music experience, microphone, and gaming will be compared properly.

And know what type of neckbands these neckbands are and which one you should nbuy between boat rockerz 255 Pro Plus vs boat rockez 330 neckbands.

Boat Airdopes 181


Short description

  • Thanks to our ASAP charge technology, the earbuds can achieve 90 minutes of playtime in just 10 minutes of charging.
  • It offers up to 20HRS total playtime, which includes up to 4HRS playtime per charge.
  • Delve into boAt’s immersive listening experience on the Airdopes 181 TWS earbuds, courtesy of its 10mm audio drivers
  • For a better gaming experience, it gets BEAST mode, so that your gaming sessions are always smooth.
  • Comes with Insta Wake and Pair (IWP) technology, which makes the earbuds easy to turn on
  • This Airdopes is marked with IPX4 water resistance so you can have a carefree time wherever you go.
  • Its intuitive touch controls allow for one command playback, hands-free voice calls, and easily activate the voice assistant.
  • The Bluetooth v5.2 wireless technology in the Boat Earbuds 181 supports a seamless listening experience every time.
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase

Talking about the contents of the box of Boat Airdrops 181, in this you will get

  • one year warranty Card
  • a user manual
  • extra silicon hair tips
  • with a charging cable Type C
  • an FAQ booklet
  • and a boat airdops 181

Boat Airdopes 181 built quality/ design

Coming to the physical overview of the Airdopes, it gets a button at the bottom of the side. And a charging point with Type C is seen at the bottom. Also, LED light has also been provided for battery indication.

And the design of the earbuds which is seen inside the case is very amazing. Their design is very compact and fits perfectly in the ear.

I found these earbuds quite right in terms of fitting. And these Airdopes are lightweight and do not feel heavy after wearing them in the ears, so you can wear them for a long time. This becomes an interesting part with these Airdopes.

Boat Airdopes 181 key specifications

Boat Airdopes 181 water resistant

Water ratings are also seen in the same device. These earbuds are IPX4 rated. Which are water and sweat-resistant. If you are wearing it at the time of jogging or running, then there is no problem, the earbuds easily resist.

Boat Airdopes 181 battery life

Up to 20 hours of playback performance is seen in these earbuds. And its charging case has a 300mAh battery and the earbuds have a 35mAh battery. And talking about playback, 4 to 5 hours of playback can be expected at 60% off volume without charging case.

The case of these earbuds gets fully charged in 1 hour 30 minutes and the earbuds too. And it has also provided Type C charging port for charging.

And also asap technology is also seen in it, if you do it for 10 minutes then you can get playback of up to 90 minutes. This is a good benefit available in this Airdopes.

boat airdopes 181 sound quality

The earbuds of this Airdopes are fitted with 10mm drivers, and the sound quality that is going to be available is going to be quite bass full.

Especially its bass, I really liked this device, if you are a bass lover then you will enjoy it a lot. Its sound quality is quite rich in terms of bass.

When it comes to trebles, the highs, lows and mids are pretty good. Clarity I felt could have been better, the detailing here, the instrument spraying should have been better. But according to listening to music, you may like these devices.

Airdopes 181 Quality / ENx technology

ENx technology is available in this Airdopes which reduces background noise at the time of calling. And I also did its proper test and somewhere this ENx technology works.


It usually happens that if we invest money, then all our purposes should be fulfilled. So BEAST mode is also seen in these earbuds, which has been provided dedicated mode for gaming.

Latency is reduced in this, which is quite required for gamers. So the performance in this device is quite right, I personally found it right.

If you do normal gaming then you also get good detailing as well as latency will also be less. And we have also done its proper test.

Boat airdopes 181 touch functions

It has touch function but with this you cannot control the volume. The only problem is that the bot doesn’t provide volume control in the budget segment device and it.

Talking about touch functions

  • You can play music on single touch and can stop with single touch on any of the earbuds.
  • If you want to forward the song, then you have to double touch the right earbud and to backward you have to double touch the left earbud.
  • To wake up the assistant, you have to touch and hold the left earbud for 3 seconds, this will wake up your assistant, whether it is Google Assistant or any other assistant.
  • And if you touch and hold the right earbuds for 3 seconds, then the beast goes into mod.
  • One has to single touch to receive the call and double tap on any earbud to cut the call.

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