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Boat launches one earbud in the price range of 1000 every year Boat launched boat Airdopes 141 in 2021 was quite a super hit. And this year Boat has launched Boat Airdopes 161.

Boat Airdopes 161

boat airdopes 161

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Boat Airdopes 161 built and design

Talking about the look and feel of the device, the case is quite compact and portable, not too big. But the matter is of glossy finish which I feel scratches very quickly on glossy finish.

It has a very nice design and even the magnets that are available are reasonable. So you get good durability. There is a Type C charging port for charging at the bottom of the charging case and there is an LED light for battery indication on the side of the charging port.

Talking about earbuds, the earbuds feel exactly like Apple AirPods Pro and their design is tremendous. And it is top notch in terms of fitting, if you wear these earbuds while running, gymming and working out then they do not fall off at all.

In this boat Airdopes 161 you will not have any problem in terms of fitting. No doubt, you get a very good build and design for Rs 1000.

Boat airdopes 161 key specifications

Now let’s talk about the key specifications of the boat airdopes 161. So for better connectivity in this Airdopes, Bluetooth version 5.1 has been used which is a good thing that they have used the upgraded version and there will be no problem in connectivity in this device in the range of 10 meters.

And it also gets a system with Insta Wake and Pair (IWP). Once you’ve connected to the phone, and whenever you take the earbuds out of the case, it will automatically connect to your phone.

The battery performance in this is going to be strong as the case houses a 300mAh battery and the earbuds have a 40mAh battery.

If I talk about battery performance, then on a single charge it goes for 5 hours 30 minutes if you listen to it at 60% volume.

Talking about the total battery backup with the case, you can expect around 17 hours of playback time in it.

Talking about the charging time, the earbuds will be fully charged in 35 minutes and the case will be fully charged in 1 hour 30.

But the interesting thing in this is that asap charge technology is available in this Airdopes. What happens in this is that if you charge the earbuds for 10 minutes, then you get up to 3 hours of playback time. boat has provided good features.

Talking about the charging brick, you can use up to 10W charger to charge the Airdopes. If you use a charger with more than 10 watts of power, the Airdopes battery may get damaged.

And the device also gets IPX 5 rating, if you wear the device while running, jogging or gyming and you are sweating, then you do not have to worry about it because it easily resists the splash and sweat.

Sound quality and drivers

10mm drivers have been given in Airdopes 161. Sound quality performance is quite pace full, in which travels are found very good.

Spacely highs and losses are quite reasonable, mids can be found a little missing, considering the price point.

Now it comes to how the bass is, then the bass is good, thumpness etcetera will be heard. But there should have been a bit more rich bass. According to me, the more than average user will like its bass.

And the loudness optimization that is in this device is also found right, even if you use it at full volume even then you will not be able to hear the distoson etcetera.

I can say that this boat airdopes 161 will perform well in terms of sound quality, according to the pricing.

call quality (microphone quality)

Talking about call quality, call quality is more than average performance in this device. If you are using it outdoors and if there is more noise in the surroundings then you will have a little problem and it performs well in other places.

About Gaming and Latency

Now in terms of gaming, this boat airdopes 161 is not that much impact full, can be used for normal casual gaming. But if you play intense game like bgmi and call of duty etcetera game then the sound of surround should be heard well in it properly.

But there is no proper hearing in it. The issue of latency is also seen in this device.

About touch function and controls

The touch function is seen in boat airdopes 161 which is quite responsive. But the function of volume controls is not available in this earbud of the boat, you will have to use your phone to control the volume.

Music gets played on single touch and Paush on single touch.

To forward the song, you have to double touch on the right earbud and to backward you have to double touch on the left earbud.

Single touch on any of the earbuds to receive the call but double touch on any of the earbuds to cut the call.

To deny the call, touch and hold the earbuds will be automatically denied.

And to wake the assistant, you have to touch and hold the earbuds for 3 seconds and whatever assistant you have will wake up.

All these touch functions are seen.

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