Oneodio a71d headphones review features and specifications | best gaming headphone

Hello, friends today in this article we are going to talk about a headset which is a multi-purpose headphone. Which you can use for gaming as well as listening to music and DJ mixing.

Today we are going to come from Oneodio’s headphones whose name is Oneodio A71D. This headset comes with universal compatibility, making it compatible with mobile phones, TVs, laptops gaming consoles, and more.

In this article, we will tell the review, features, and specifications of this Oneodio a71d gaming headset. And we will also discuss the audio quality, build quality, and microphone quality of this Studio A71D headphone.

Oneodio a71d headphones | best gaming headphone

Oneodio auqd review

short description

Oneodio A71D headset box content

oneodio review

  • 1Oneodio A71D Headphones
  • Dual 3.5mm Y Extension Cable / Splitter
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable With Volume Control
  • Detachable Boom Mic
  • User Guide

Oneodio A71d build quality

Talking about the build quality of this headset, this headphone is made entirely of plastic. But overall the quality of the plastic used in it is very good.

oneodio a71d features

Rubber wire is available in this headset but the quality of the wire is good overall. For input, 3.5mm jack input is available.

You can use this headset by putting it in a smartphone, laptop, console, and any other device. Because it comes with universal compatibility.

oneodio a71d spec

Its build quality is quite flexible. And These headphones can also be folded. Its sound chamber can be folded up to 90 degrees, there will be no problem in hanging this headphone in the neck.

Microphone build quality and mic audio quality

This headset has a detachable mic which you can attach and detach manually. And the quality of the mic is also very good, there is a metal covering on the wire of the mic.


This detachable mic is a fully flexible mic, you can mount it in any direction. These are omnidirectional mics.

Trust me friends The mic quality of this Oneodio A71d headphone is very tremendous. And you can use this headset for gaming, music as well as talking on calls.

Oneodio A71d headphone comfort

The earcups of the headset have cushions that are quite soft, and the cushion padding of the headrest is also quite soft. There is no doubt in terms of comfort.

And the weight of this headset is about 230 grams. The gaming headset is not too heavy for the budget. And even if you wear it for a long time gaming, there will be no problem.

Oneodio A71d headphone is tremendous in terms of comfort.


The controller is found in the middle of the headphone wire and inside this controller 2 buttons and a volume control wheel is found in a controller. And a music play, the pause button is available. And there is a button with which you can mute or unmute the mic.

oneodio a71d review

Oneodio A71d Headset Sound Quality and Music Experience

The Oneodio A71d gets 40mm drivers, but its sound quality is very strong according to the 40mm drivers. Even headphones with some 50mm drivers are beating the sound quality of Oneodio.

The bass is good, the loudness is great and the comfort is great. And the treble of it is quite right, if it is a gaming headset, then the table should be very good.

But seriously I can recommend this Oneodio A71d in terms of music lishing. The balance of bass and table is just right.

gaming experience

I did gaming for about 2 hours with this headset on. And I am relieved that the stereo suppression in this headset is quite good. And I could hear the left-right footsteps very well.

I did gaming for 2 hours by putting this headset on but I did not feel at all that this headset is uncomfortable or is giving some problem in the ear.

oneodio a71d gaming

The weight is also well managed and the cushions cover the ears well. But seriously, the output of this headset is quite good within the budget of 2300.

my opinion and Conclusion

So now let’s talk about the conclusion, then this headset comes in the budget of 2300 and 2300 has good sound quality. This Oneodio A71d gaming headset could have RGB lighting added. But some like light, some do not like it.

The headset comes in a very clean and plain simple look. If you want a gaming headset and your budget is around 2300 then you can consider this headset.

And in this, you can enjoy music along with gaming. Click on the link below to buy these Oneodio A71d headphone.

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