Boult probass Q charge neckband review features and specifications

Friends, if you want to buy a neckband and you are going to get the first neckband of your life. And if your budget is not much then you should read this article completely.

Because in this article I will give you information about one of the most popular neckbands on a low budget which comes from Bolt.

Boult probass Q charge neckband

Boult probass Q charge neckband review features and specifications

Short description

  • Long Battery Life – Qcharge is a powerhouse, Offers a playback time of up to 24 for every charge.
  • Takes 15 mins to get fully charged.
  • 10m Transmission Distance
  • Off-Axis magnetic technology – Oval-shaped earbud with nozzle angled at 60-degree tunnels the sound directly into the ear canal, also providing noise isolation
  • Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade AL Drivers – Curve comes with Built-in micro-woofers that produce deep bass, isolating noise in any environment.
  • Durable Flexi-band- The light yet sturdy, neckband can drape comfortably across the neck with supreme comfort and in-line controls.
  • Robust aerospace grade AL alloy encased over micro-woofers that provide crisp deep bass for bass heads, crystal clear highs and stable midst.

Bolt has become a very well-known company in India. Here is his most popular neckband Whose is named boult probass q charge. Will do features or review of this neckband.

Now let’s talk about some such features of this boult audio probass q charge neckband which will not be found in other company’s neckband in this price range.

Talking about charging, it has a Type C port with fast charging. You people will know that slowly Type C is going to become such an interface that you will get to see it everywhere. So here you do not need to carry an extra cable, you can charge it only with your phone’s charger.

Apart from this, you get to see fast charging, which will give up to 15 hours of playback time on a 15-minute charge, the company says. But in this, you will definitely get a playback time of 12 to 13 hours. And 24 hours of playback time will be available on a full charge.

Also, friends, magnetic earbuds are available in this price range which is not available in other neckbands. Having magnetic earbuds reduces the risk of falling off the neckband and feel quite comfortable.

And talking about the third point, that is Micro Boofer for Extra Bass Boost. If you like extra bass then this will definitely give a good experience. Friends, it is not available in any other neckband in this price range.

One important thing that comes out is water resistance and sweat resistance. If there is normal sweat or water, then safety is seen in that case.

This boult probass q charge neckband also has the option of passive noise canceling which is a very good thing. Passive noise cancellation is not seen in any neckband or earphone in this price range.

The last reason to buy this boult probass q charge neckband is its wire which is flat wire. The advantage of flat wire is that you can fold it and keep it in your pocket. And due to the flat wire, the weight of the neckband is also less.

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