Eksa E900 gaming headset review | best budget gaming headphone in India

Eksa E900 gaming headset

eska e900 gaming headphone

Short description

  • High-Quality 50mm Speakers
  • Durable Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Noise Reduction Microphone
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • High Quality Audio
  • Soft Protein Ear Cushions

Today we will talk about the gaming headphones which come from Eksa company. Which is Eksa E900 is a budget segment gaming headphone and provides all the gaming features that are required as well. In this article, I Will tell you about the review, features, and specifications of this Eksa E900 gaming headset

E900 build / design quelity

It does not have anything special, it is quite normal headphones. And has given a bit of gaming structure and the body is seen as plastic. And a little metal has also been used in this headset. I felt a bit of poor quality plastic. The reason may also be that such plastic has been used to keep the headphones light.

Apart from this, when talking about wiring, the length of the wire gets quite long. And the quality is also very good, the gold plated 3.5mm jack is found and it is considered to be the best.

If you talk about cable, then they have definitely provided protection here. But usually, the headphone becomes useless after the wire in the wired headphones malfunction. I mean to say that the way a detachable microphone is available. Had this same type of wire been found, it would have been quite right.

There is also a reason behind this because there is a modular provision in the middle of the wire, which has a button to turn the volume controller and the microphone on.

I did not find any issues in the build and design in the Eksa E900 gaming headset. Everything is very good in terms of the price range.


The Eksa E900 Gaming Headset gets good cushion padding in the ear copas and cushion padding on the head. Which makes gamers more comfortable using headphones for longer, which is a good thing.

And Because we use headphones for a long time. So in such a situation, it is necessary to have headphones comfortable, You won’t get uncomfortable during long listening sessions. ​you will get a very correct comfort in this headphone. And these headphones will get in the over-the-ear design

Eksa E900 gaming headset perfomance

If we talk about the performance of Eksa E900, then it is very important in such gaming headphones. So the performance will be seen quite good in this headphone.

Sound quelity


Talking about this type of gaming headphones, the detailing is very important. If you are playing the game and you do not know whether the anime is coming from the left or from the right, then in the game, the anime kills you.

If the detailing is very important, then you will find that thing right in this gaming headset. And everything is quite right, whether it is a stereo competition or what is going on in Even Background, it is also heard very clearly. So there is no complaint here.


You will get less of this headphone bass because they made this headset for gaming purposes. That is why there is not as much bass enhancement in it. but still, you will get a decent bass in the headset which according to me works to a great extent

Detachable Microphone

A detachable Microphone is available in this headphone. When you play the game then you can play the game by attaching this detachable microphone and also talk to your friends. When you do not need to speak, you can unplug the microphone.

And you can use this headset as a music headset for listening to music, which is suitable for different purposes.

Eksa E900 gaming headset noise canceling

Talking about the quality of this microphone, I also found it quite right. Noise-canceling is found in this detachable Microphone. especially noise canceling is necessary When playing battleground games like pubg, call of duty where a teammate is also involved. So if your voice does not reach the right teammate, then there can be a problem.

Gaming in all device with spliter

Well, the limit of this gaming headset is not even mobile. You can also use this E900 gaming headset for pc gaming, use this headset in Xbox, ps 5, and all games.

Especially for pc gaming provided splitter. Many people like to play on pubg and other game emulator. There you can put this splitter and play the game in the headset. The pc has separate channels of microphone and headphone, so you can also enjoy gaming and music in the pc through splitter.

conclusion / my opinion

If we include the device in an overall way, then the price is also kept very decent. If you are looking for good gaming headphones in the budget segment, then it will definitely make you less. Performance is quite right in terms of gaming.

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