boat nirvana 1007 anc features-review-specification and price in india

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the new headphones launched by the boat, which is named boat nirvana 1007 anc.

Today we will learn about the features-review-specification of boat nirvana 1007 anc.

boat nirvana 1007 anc features

Talking about the built and design of the Boat 1007 anc, the plastic material has been used more in this headphone. But the quality of plastic that is used is quite visible.

If you see it at first glance, then there is a very premium feel. Even if we talk about cushion padding which is seen as cushion padding in air cups.

The cushion padding seen in the even head strap is also quite right. No compromise has been done in the build of the device.

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If we take a look at its design, the design is quite good. The comfort level provided based on the fitting gives a fairly good design.

The weight of the boat Nirvana 1007 anc is also kept low and its weight is seen to be around 250 grams. Despite all these characteristics, it has tried to keep its weight down.

If you use this boat for a long time 1007 ac, then you have no discomfort due to the ear cups that cover your entire ear.

So that thing provides comfort in using it for a long time. The device is quite right in terms of built and design.

Sound quality performance

The sound quality is quite amazing in this headphone. Spacely If you listen to or watch movies, web series, serial, and songs, then all these details are very important.

And the detailing in this headphone is quite clear, the things happening in the background or the elements are happening. Or whatever function is happening, you hear it properly.

The stereo effect that one has is very much somewhere. These headphones become helpful when you enjoy the action movie.

Even if you are listening to music there will be no problem because the driver is very clean. And the High Law Mid has been maintained by everyone and does not over anything anywhere.

Even loudness is very optimized, even if you are listening at 100% volume then there is no pricking in the ears. usually what happens is that the ear pierces the headphones but its sound quality is quite premium.

If you take a look at the bass of this device, the bass is seen here. There is not much enhanced, there is not much to see the bumpy bass. Absolute Proper Bass is according to me and does justice to the device. The balance of the bass and travels is seen properly.

But the bass could have been a bit better, so I expect the boat. If you look at the device in the rest of the overall way, then the sound quality is quite amazing.

Call quality performance

The call quality clean and proper is available in boat 1007 anc. Because it gets active noise canceling. And she performs accurately, noise cancellation of up to 30 to 35 decibels is seen.


If you look at this device according to gaming or want to do gaming then you can do gaming in it. And there is no latency lag at all and the most important thing detailing which is quite optimized in this headphone.

boat nirvana 1007 anc features-specification

This device has Bluetooth version 5.0 which provides shameless connectivity. Apart from this, this device has a battery of 300mh.

Vote claims such that if you run this device in active noise cancellation (ANC) mode, then you get playback time of up to 20 hours and non-anc mode up to 30 hours. Battery performance is good in this.

You can use it with both Bluetooth and aux.

40mm drivers are available in this device. And I can say Drivers justified the device to a great extent.


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