Crossbeats orbit smartwatch review and specification in India 2021

Crossbeats orbit smartwatch

crossbeats orbit smartwatch

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Crossbeats orbit smartwatch has been launched recently and the good thing about it is that it gets calling features. In this article, we will tell the review and features of Crossbeats orbit smartwatch.

Build and Design

This watch seemed quite right, we experienced it for the first time. Looks very premium in terms of look and feel. Definitely watch is very eye-catching. This smartwatch is made of man body metal and its straps are made of silicon.

Due to its metal body, its weight is 43 grams, which many people may find strange to watch. Even its straps are easily removed.

Crossbeats orbit smartwatch key specification

Crossbeats orbit smartwatch Display

This smartwatch has a 1.3 inch IPS HD display which I really liked. It has a resolution of 240×240 pixels. And speaking of brightness in the outdoors, you get good brightness in this, which is usually much better than the smartwatches that come in this price range.

They have installed temper glass on top of the display to prevent the display of the smartwatch from getting damaged. And wake gesture is also available in this smartwatch, there is a slight delay, but it gets a wake gesture in.

Orbit smartwatch Battery

The company says that with an intelligent power-saving algorithm, this smartwatch gets a full charge in 90 minutes. And gives you a battery life of 10 days.

And the company has also said that if you use calling features, then you can expect up to 2 days of battery life with this smartwatch.

I had a normal battery backup. You can expect 7 days of battery performance with this smartwatch.

IPX68 rating / waterproof

Talking about the IPX rating in this device, it comes with an IPX68 rating. So if you are wearing it while swimming or in the bath, then there is no problem, you can wear it, this watch can be seen waterproof.


There are two Bluetooth in this watch, there is a Bluetooth 5.o which connects to the basic application and gives you all the notifications you have, alerts. And Bluetooth 3.0 is offered for space calling

Crossbeats orbit smartwatch sensors

You will get to see two man sensors in it, one is the accelerometer sensor which does the tracking of the mosan, tracks all the activity how much you are running or how much you are walking. And the second one which is sensor is the HR sensor which monitors your heart rate and more. It has an SPO2 monitor but does not have a special SPO2 sensor.

Crossbeats orbit UI

The UI of this smartwatch is quite clean and smooth, which I liked personally. Smoothness is very important when you are ever using it.

If you swipe up the watch from the top, then there is a switch to turn DND mode, brightness control, and Bluetooth 3.0 on.

After that, if you swipe from the left, then you will get to see all your notifications, Twitter, Instagram, and other notifications come.

When you swipe right from it, your step coating, heart rate measuring, sleep tracking, weather, music control options are available.

If you swipe up from below, then whatever features are available will be seen. Very clean and simple UI will be seen in the watch

orbit smartwatch Features

Health monitoring

Talking about health-related features in this smartwatch, you get a heart rate monitor, which automatically monitors your heart rate. And if you look in the application, you will get to see all the tracking. If we talk about its accuracy, then it does a lot of accurate work.

Secondly, I get to see the SPO2 measure which I did not find as accurate. Because they have not provided a dedicated sensor. It has also provided blood pressure measuring.

Friends will tell you one thing, you should use the medical equipment for all these things. Because it is not so reliable.

Smart things

music control

Apart from all this, music control has been provided in it. If you want to change tracks or increase the volume, you can do all these through the watch. Tell you one thing, you have to define a music player in it and it will work on the same music player.

Remot camera

The camera control is also provided in this smartwatch if you are in a group and want to click the selfie sub. So the camera button is found in it, if you click on it, the photo will be clicked from your phone. Apart from this, some other features are also available.

Sports modes

This smartwatch has 10 sports modes provided. If you are performing an activity, then if you perform in that sports mode, then the data will be seen even more accurately.

Finde my phone

I like the features of Find My Phone. If you use it, then the phone is in range, then it produces a good contrast. And it is easy to know where is your phone

Apart from all these, the stopwatch, alarm settings, reminders, information features of weather are also seen in this orbit smartwatch.

Calling features

Apart from all these features, which is the biggest highlight, that is, the calling features are quite right. If the call comes then you get 3 options, then you can either cut the call or you can pick it up or mute the call.

Watch faces

Many watch faces are available in this watch and for that, you will have to go to the application. If you want to add a custom watch face, then it is also found in it.

conclusion / my opinion

Looking at this smartwatch at this price point, I found the situation quite right. If you are looking at the calling feature or the built-in design of the device then all of this is quite good. And if you are looking for this, then you can definitely check out the Crossbeats orbit smartwatch.

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