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If you are looking for a good smartwatch, then you should read this article completely. In this article, today I will tell you the 5 best smartwatches that you will get inside 5000. All the latest smartwatches have been launched.

list of 5 best smartwatches under 5000



Short description

  • Blood-oxygen Level Measurement
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 60+ Sports Modes
  • 5 ATM Water-resistance
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring
  • High-precision GPS
  • Alexa Built-in
  • PAI Health Assessment System

Build quelity

So, friends, this smartwatch is available in a completely plastic build. Here he has provided a replaceable strap of silicon. Dimensions of BIP U pro are 40.9 x 35.5 x 11.4mm. And the weight of this smartwatch is 31g with strap.


If we talk about its display. It has provided a large 1.4-inch LCD color display. The resolution of this smartwatch is 320×302 pixel

sports mods

This smartwatch has 60+ sports modes, which is a great thing. You will get reports of your walking distance, speed, change in heart rate, calorie burn, and other major things.

Health traking

For health monitoring in this smartwatch, it has provided many different-different parameters and spectrums like heart rate monitoring sensor, stress monitoring sensor, spo2 sensor.

And in this BIP U Pro, you get to see PAI that tells you by continuously processing weekly data.

Built-in mic / Built-in Alexa

The built-in mic is available in BIP U Pro, with the help of which you will be able to access the built-in Alexa in it.


He has provided a 230mAh battery, which will give you a 9-day battery backup on Typical usage.

Waterproof rating

If we talk about BIP U or BIP U Pro both get 5ATM water resistance. This smartwatch has resistance up to 50 meters in water. And you can also swim by wearing this smartwatch and this smartwatch will track your movements even underwater and will also tell your achievements.


Friends, you get the functionality of GPS in BIP U Pro.

watch faces

In this, you get to see more than 50 watch faces. Directly you can access it with the help of an application

2.Realme watch s

Realme watch s

realme watch s

Short description

  • Large Touchscreen with Auto-Brightness
  • Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • 15-Day Battery Life
  • 16 Sport Modes
  • IP68 Water-Resistant
  • Smart Notifications
  • Smart Controls


The first watch is Realme Watch s. If we talk about its physical overview, then the size of this smartwatch is seen round. Along with this, the build of Alumunium alloy is provided. And it has a replaceable silicone strap provided.


If we talk about its display, then there is a 1.3-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen auto-brightness screen. Auto brightness gives you a comfortable viewing experience on both in-door and out-door. Realme Watch comes with Gorilla Glass Protection.

Sport modes

Along with that, we move towards its sport mode. Here you get 16 different sport modes. And no GPS functionality is seen in it.

Health traking

And if we talk about its health tracking. In this, you get a real-time heart rate monitoring sensor that automatically monitors your heart rate. And gives you a heart rate report

And in Realme watch s, the sensor of Blood Oxygen Monitor is also available. With this help, you can monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood. This function will help you in your health tracking.

Battery life

It has a 390mAh battery provided which will get 15 day battery backup on normal use. This 15 day battery life has been tested in realme lab.

IP68 Water Resistant

IP68 Water Resistant is available in this Realme Watch. You can take this smartwatch down to 1.5 meters in water. But friends IP68 water-resistant is not suitable for swimming and shower.

Watch faces

If we talk about its watch faces. In this, you get 100 plus watch faces, which you can access very easily from the application.

My opinion

So friends are quite a decent watch, but they have not provided the functionality of GPS in it. And in all the spectrums I can say it is a very good smartwatch.




Short description

  • Sleep monitor
  • Autosports recognition
  • 5atm waterproof design
  • Preview tm display


Talking about its physical overview, this smartwatch can be seen in the square in the shape. This smartwatch has been provided in full plastic build, replaceable silicone strap has also been provided.


Talking about the display, a 1.55 inch TFT touch screen, LCD display has been installed in it. The resolution of this smartwatch is 320×360 pixels.

Sports mods

Specifically, when talking about its sport mode, there are 14 different sports mods in it. Which will recognize your sport automatically. And the smart running features in this smartwatch will track and count every moment of you.


No GPS functionality is available in this smartwatch.

Health traking

If you talk about health tracking, then you get a SpO2 monitor sensor, so that you will be able to monitor the oxygen level in your body. With the help of its dedicated HR sensor, you will be able to monitor your heart rate 24/7. And many parameters like Stress monitor are provided here.


This smartwatch has a 210mAh provided key. Which gives 10 days of battery life on typical uses

Water proof

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 gets a 5ATM water resistance rating. It is not just splash-proof, it is fully waterproof. Go Swimming of wearing a smartwatch and will track your movement.

Watch faces

Talk about its watch faces, so you get a lot of limited watch faces, 30 to 40 watch faces have been provided in the application. And more watch faces can be seen in the upcoming updates.

My opinion

GPS is not available in Noise ColorFit Pro 3 If you want a GPS variant, then you can also purchase a color nav of Noise. If you need a smartwatch with GPS. Both smartwatches get the rest of the functionality similar.

4.Redmi watch

Build / overview

The next watch on our list is Redmi Watch. If we talk about its physical overview, then it is seen in the square dial. With this, its entire body is seen in plastic build. And it has a very special silicone strap, which you can replace in a very good way.


Talking about the display of Redmi Watch, you get a 1.4-inch LCD display in it. In this, the automatic brightness level will keep increasing and decreasing as per the requirement.

Sports mode / Gps

There are 11 different sports modes provided in this smartwatch. Along with that, it also has the functionality of GPS.

Health traking

Talking about health tracking in this, a PPG sensor has been used for heart rate tracking. With this sensor, the watch will continue to monitor your heart rate for 24 hours and will notify you when the heart rate is up-down. And sleep monitoring is available in it.

But they have not provided spo2 tracking. Although we wait for the Indian variant, Syed can bring spo2 in it. Because covid is running pandemic.

Built-in mic

A built-in mic is also available in this smartwatch. With the help of which you can activate xiao ai voice assistant. Although he was not working, we wait for India variants. maybe Those people can bring another ai voice assistant in it.

Battery / watch faces

This smartwatch has a 230mAh battery which provides a 9-day battery life on typical uses.

Talking about its watch faces, it has more than 50 watch faces in its application.

My opinion

It is going to be a budget smartwatch, in which the GPS function is going to be available and the built-in mic is also going to be seen with an AI assistant.

5.Boat Xplorer

Boat Xplorer

boAt Xplorer Smartwatch

Short description

  • Full-Touch 2.5D Curved Display
  • Sports Mode
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Vibration Alerts for Calls, Texts, Schedule Reminder & Alarms.
  • Monitor Your Health
  • Daily Activity Tracker
  • Live Weather Forecasts


Talking about the physical overview of this boat smartwatch, you are going to get a square dial in it. This smartwatch is made of plastic and the strap is made of silicone, the strap is provided in dual tone color.

Display / sports modes / built-in GPS

He has provided you with a 1.3-inch LCD display in it.

Talking about its sports modes, sports modes are available in 8 different ways. However, in Sports Modes, they have not included any exercise in sports modes which is available in other smartwatches.

And the built-in GPS function is also available in this watch.

Health mods / battery

It has continuous heart rate monitor and also provides basic functionality. But spo2’s function is not seen in it.

This smartwatch has a 210mAh battery, which provides an 8-day battery backup on typical uses.

Watch faces / water resistance

Talking about its watch faces, you can see only 20 to 30 watch faces in its application. You can also emphasize customized watch faces in it.

This smartwatch offers 5ATM water resistance and you can submerge it in direct water

My opinion

In this price range, you get the support of GPS, which is a good thing. But there is no support of SPO2 in it. So if GPS is necessary for you then you can take it.

Overall my opinion

Friends, these top 5 best smartwatches under 5000, according to me, however, could not include some smartwatches in it. Like I am missing honor watch es. And friends, there are 5 smartwatches that are offering you great features in the budget price range.
Nowadays GPS has become necessary, as you are seeing, GPS is also getting available in budget smartwatches nowadays.

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