Best tablet under 20000 with sim slot | best budget tablet under 20000 in 2022

Friends, nowadays along with smartphones, tablets have also become very popular and the demand for tablets has also increased a lot. And that is why smartphone brands or other brands of tablets are also being launched more.

People get confused about which tablets to take. If one needs at home for work from home, for online classes, wants big screen or needs for multimedia viewing.

And if your budget is 20 thousand (2000) then this article is for you. If you are looking for a tablet under 20 thousand.

After our team and we researched everything and discovered everything, then we made this ranking. Only 4 tablets are included in our list.

We have created some minimum criteria to peak the best tablet.

  • Must have a bigger screen.
  • Must have a bigger battery.
  • Must be a good brand.
  • And software etcetera is important.
  • Must have good processor.
  • Must have at least 4Gb Ram and 64Gb internal storage.

Must have IPS LCD screen, one is TFT.

After seeing all this, then we have generated this ranking. And you can take all these tablets anywhere and use them. Even if you are not at home, insert the sim card and use it because all these tablets come with LTE support.

4. Friends, Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (wifi / LTE) comes at number four in our list.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (wifi / LTE)

Samsung galaxy tab A8

Short description

  • Display :- 10.5 FHD+ TFT
  • RAM/ROM :- 4GB/64GB
  • Battery :- 7040mAh
  • soC :- unicSO T618
  • OS :- oneUI
  • Audio :- Quad Speakers
  • Camera :- 8MP /5 MP

You all must be thinking that this tablet is number four because it has a TFT display and all tablets have IPS LCD.

It has 10.5 inches FHD+ TFT screen, good but TFT.

Unisoc T618 processor comes which is similar to Helio g70 etcetera. There should be no problem in doing regular tasks, creating documents, or doing multi-media viewing or online classes, there will be no problem in all these.

This tablet has quad speakers for audio. Talking about the battery capacity, it has a 7040mAh battery. And there is a 5mp selfie camera for online classes etcetera. And there is a 9MP rear camera.

The price of this Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is ₹ 19,999. The tablet is good at this price. Why is it at number four because it has TFT screens but it comes from Samsung’s oneui. So it is a Samsung tablet which is why many people need it.

3.And comes at number three in our list, realme pad (LTE).

Realme Pad 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM 10.4 inch with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet

realme tab 4g

Short description

  • MediaTek’s Helio G80 processor.
  • 10.4-inch IPS LCD
  • comes with quad speakers.
  • 4Gb ram and 64Gb storage
  • this tablet has 8MP cameras on both the front

This is the first tablet of Realme that they have launched. This tablet is very good as it is powered by MediaTek’s Helio G80 processor.

Talking about the display, it has a 10.4-inch IPS LCD, Full HD + screen. Everyone’s tablets on the list come with quad speakers.

With 4Gb ram and 64Gb storage, this tablet has 8MP cameras on both the front and back. And the price of this tablet is also less. Its price is 17999 ₹. So for all these reasons, this Realme pad tablet is at number 3.

2. We have Nokia tab t20 at number 2 in this list.

Friends, Nokia is not doing well in terms of smartphones. But the Nokia tab t20 which Nokia launched its first tablet in India is very good. Spacely its display gets a 2k display in it.

Nokia T20 Tablet, 8200mAh Battery, 10.36″ 2K Screen with Low Blue Light

nokia tab t20

Short description

  • gets a 2k display in it
  • Powered by Unisoc T610
  • 4GB RAM & 64GB storage, expandable up to 512GB
  • 8MP rear camera with flash and 5MP front camera

IPS LCD which are very good display. This tablet also comes with a big battery of 8200mAh. In this, uniSOC T610 is available in the processor. In terms of performance, it is definitely less than G80.

But looking at the all-round package, display, battery, and stock Android also come, bloatware etcetera is not seen. Its price is 17999 ₹.

1. The moto tab G70 (LTE) comes at number one in our list.

moto tab G70 (LTE)

Short description

  • The G70 tablet is powered by MediaTek Helio G90T chipset
  • 11-inch 2k IPS LCD display.
  • There is a 7700 mAh battery.
  • quad speakers.
  • MY UX

It felt like a very good tablet, so we put it at number one. The G70 tablet is powered by MediaTek Helio G90T chipset, which is the gaming processor of the mid-range phone.

There will be no problem in terms of performance. And the biggest display also available is the 11-inch 2k IPS LCD display.

There is a 7700 mAh battery, quad speakers, MY UX which is very close to stock Android. In all respects, this moto tab G70 is extremely good.

But its price is ₹ 22,450 but sometimes the offers will be slightly less. It will cost you more than 1, 2 thousand, but you will like this tablet very much.

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