Redgear cloak (RGB) gaming headphones review | Best gaming headphone under 900

Redgear cloak (RGB) gaming headphones

Redgear cloak (RGB) gaming headphones review

Short description

  • Redgear Cloak comes equipped with 50mm Driver with Enhanced audio bass and clarity which dramatically improves your in-game sound experience.
  • The Cloak has Omni-directional
  • Amazing Auto adjustable Headband
  • This headset has an amazing RGB LED light effect on ear-ups and tip of the microphone.
  • It also comes equipped with volume control, so just scroll up or down to adjust it.
  • 1 year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

The session of gaming is going on and many people are looking for a gaming headset on a budget. If you are looking for a good gaming headphone in the budget then you have come to the right place.

Today I am going to tell you the best gaming headphones within 900 rupees. Whose name is Redgear cloak and do will review of the same Redgear cloak RGB gaming headphones.

Table of Contents

Redgear cloak (RGB) gaming headphones review, specifications and features

Build quality

The Auto Adjustable Headband is available in this Redgear cloak. This Auto Adjustable Headband is probably made of rexine. Amazing Auto adjustable headband enhances your gaming experiences. And the headrest frame above it is of metal. The headrest design of this Redgear cloak is exactly like the headrest of Redgear Cosmo 7.1.

It has an adjustable veal to increase or decrease volume. And its left-right is mensen on the inside. And I the cushions found quite nice and soft. If you wear this headphone, then its cushions cover your ears well and you get good comfort and do not let the outside sound inside.

The best thing in this price range is its wire. Its wire quality is very good. The length of the redgear cloak headphone cable is 2 meters. If you watching a movie while sitting away, want to do gaming, then you get a good length of cable for it. In this, you are not going to have any problem with media configuration.

This headphone has an input jack, microphone input jack, and a USB to supply power to its RGB light.

Redgear cloak microphone

Its microphone is attached to the headphone and we cannot detach it. The mic of wire of its headset is fully flexible and proprietary adjustable wire. And its mic is the omnidirectional mic. Omnidirectional means it will catch your voice from any direction.

I checked its mic’s audio and I felt fine. The price range that this gaming headphone comes in is great. You can talk to your teammate, use it on your smartphone or use it on pc.

Sound quality

50mm drivers are available inside this headset. Overall 50mm drivers are fine as far as I know. Meaning, it cannot even be said as good and it cannot be said to be so useless.

I did not like the bass at all in terms of sound. I would say it is over in the case of bass. And trable is balanced means very clear sound, the balanced sound comes out. In this headphone, the left-right was understandable, it cannot be said as good but in the price range it comes, you can do the same amount of expectations.

conclusion / my opinion

If you are a beginner and you have just built a pc or purchased a laptop. And if you are a gaming person, you need a gaming headphone and want a cheaper headphone.
There cannot be a better option than this because it has RGB inside it, which will compliment your setup. And according to the price range that comes in that price, its specification, its sound balances.

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