Redgear shadow helm gaming headset review | value for money gaming headphones at just 700 only

Hello friends, if you want to get a cheap and good gaming headphone for only under 1000, today we will talk about the review, build quality, and specification of the Redgear shadow helm gaming headset.

Redgear shadow helm gaming headset

Redgear shadow helm gaming headset

Short description

  • 50MM Driver with enhanced bass and clarity that explicitly improves your in-game experience and immersive sound quality
  • Superior Fit- Shadow Helm over-the-ear headphone comes with extra soft earmuffs and a headband
  • RGB Lighting- It also has RGB breathing lights

Redgear shadow helm gaming headset build quality and outers

Let’s talk about the build and exteriors of the Redgear shadow helm. These headphones are available in a complete plastic build and the quality of the plastic is just right for Rs.800/-. And the Redgear branding has been done on both the left and right sides of this headphone.

The headband of the headphones is metal but has a rubber covering over it and is fully flexible. And a bandage has been given in it which takes its shape according to your head and gives you a good fitting.

It has a non-detachable mic, a volume control wheel is available to control the volume. And rubber wire is found in it, but the wire gets a little thick. Its wire length is 2.2 meters.

The Redgear shadow helm comes with a USB input, a mic, and a headphone input. The USB input is just for lighting RGB lights. The mic and headphone inputs are found in the 3.5mm jack. You can run Redgear shadow helm on any phone, ps5, Xbox, or any other platform because it will support all platforms.

In this, it is seen in the RGB breathing effect, its RGB cannot be changed, but its color automatically changes in a few seconds. This will provide a great look to your gaming table, and your setup overall.

Weight matters the most in gaming headphones because you have to do gaming wearing a headset for a long time or whether you are listening to movies or songs on a PC. This Redgear shadow helm weighs 240 grams.

Talking about the ergonomics of this headset, if you want to do long session gaming while sitting on the PC, then its comfort is right because it is a lightweight gaming headphone. And you will not feel heavy, according to 800, the comfort is absolutely right.

Redgear shadow helm sound quality

In terms of sound quality, smooth type bass is available in it. Don’t expect too much loudness from these Redgear headphones. The loudness is good in terms of gaming and will give the right experience in terms of music, of the perfect balance type. The sound quality of this Redgear shadow helm gaming headset is the overall balance. The treble in this headset is good.

gaming tests

Now when it comes to gaming tests, I have seen some games in it, in terms of gaming, there is stereo separation and footstep recognition gives a very correct experience according to the overall 800. There is no problem with these headphones at Rs.800. The mic of this headset is also very strong at its price point.

my opinion

This was the full review of this Redgear shadow helm. If you want to get it for a smartphone or for a console or for pc, this headphone supports all platforms. Value for money in 800 be it build quality, comfort, everything is just right. Don’t expect a lot of noise from this headset, the rest is balance sound, that’s what can be expected for this price range

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