smartphone buying guide India 2021! how to buy right smartphone

friends, when buy a smartphone Everyone, has got different reason to buy. 4G/5G, IPS LCD / AMOLED, 4GB RAM/6GB RAM 64MP /108MP camera, PLASTIC BACK / GLASS BACK, FAST CHARGING AND BIG BATTERY, MEDIATEK/QUALCOMM, 64GB/128GB HD+/FHD+ .

There are many things from which people purchase smartphones, so not everyone purchases a brand mobile. That’s why different people buy different brands of smartphones Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, Apple iPhone, Motorola, mi, realme, poco, etc. because their needs are different. the articles are for the 95% people it’s not for 5% of people who purchase due to the brand.

This article is for those people who want a good smartphone, want a good functional smartphone, want an all-around smartphone. this our India 2021 smartphone buying guide. Read this article carefully, the article will be a bit longer, you will read it completely, you will definitely benefit from it.

make a checklist

Friends, all of you guys make a checklist. Which are the most important features for you. that is one of the biggest things. When you write the most important performance in a sequence is the camera, followed by the display and then the battery.

When you write all these things, you will get a lot of clarity about what you want. And this will help in the smartphone selection.

should i buy 4g phone or wait for 5g in 2021

Many people say that there is no need to take a 5G phone. And Reason does not even know which bands are present, 5G is still a long time to come. If you ask me, according to me, 5G will come in one year to one year in 6 months. And currently 5G testing is on.

So if you do not use your phone for more than a year, then there is no problem, you can take a Definitely 4G smartphone. But if you are going to use it for two years or more, then you should take a 5G smartphone.

Do not worry about bands, updates are done with the software. When it will be known that all these bands are going to be used in India, then whatever smartphone brand is there, they will give the 5G bands which are supported by software updates.


Performance is an important factor for buying the best smartphone. And nowadays, friends have come up with such phones in the price range of 15 thousand, 10 thousand and 10 to 20 thousand that sometimes it seems that what is needed is Flexib phones. Many 7 Series phones, 5G phones like Snapdragon 750G, and more.

These smartphones are available in 20-21 thousand. And you will be able to get 99.9% of work with the help of these processors. I am talking about the Mead Range smartphone and not about the Flexib smartphone. Think you have to spend upwards of 20 thousand to get a smartphone. Because nowadays even in 20 thousand smartphones performance is very good.

Remember only one thing, friends, whenever you buy a smartphone, its processor should not be too old. According to the thumb rule the processor should not be older than one year. If launched 6 months ago, then it is fine, but not more than a year old.

Because the newer the processor, the better the performance will be. Because everything else is SOC, the system on chip is not just CPU but it has CPU, GPU, DSP, all these things which are very important. There is a modem which is the latest.

If your connectivity differs on your throughput, your image and everything, then take the latest SOC.

amoled display vs ips lcd display which is better

A lot of people are confused about whether to carry an AMOLED display or an IPS display. If you ask me, I always like AMOLED display. Because in 90% of use cases, an AMOLED display will be the biggest benefit.

If you take AMOLED Plus 120hz then it is a very good thing. But if the choice is to have a 120hz IPS display lu or 60hz AMOLED, I would say you should take AMOLED. Yes, you don’t always do gaming on a smartphone, but even if you do normal gaming, friends, 99% of the game supports only 60fps.

At IPS 120hz, there will be a slightly faster reference rate, scrolling, swipe, and smooth touches. But still, I tell you one thing that the colors of Amoled screen and battery efficiency and many other things are available due to Amoled screen. That is completely different, you will not find it in IPS LCD.

if you listen to me, then all of you should take a phone with an AMOLED display.

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