Top upcoming smartphone – April 2021

So friends, today we will talk about which new smartphones are going to be launched this month in the Indian smartphone market. Top upcoming smartphone — April 2021

In Samsung Galaxy M series

Samsung Galaxy m42

Samsung Galaxy m62And then Samsung Galaxy F12 in Samsung Galaxy F Series

These phones are leaking a lot. Samsung can launch these phones in the month of April. Where M42 and M62 5G phones can be. And the Samsung Galaxy F12 may be a budget phone.

May take Motorola

Moto G100

moto G50

Here this phone will be with Snapdragon 870G processor. There is going to be an interesting phone, which will also have a 64 MP camera setup and the price will also come out well. It is a G series phone. Syed can bring the G50 along with the G100. But it seems that Motorola can launch this smartphone in the month of April.

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