Realme buds q vs boat airdopes 441 comparisons and which is the best earbuds

Friends, today we will compare realme buds q with boat airdopes 441. Let’s start with realme buds q vs boat airdopes 441 comparisons.

  • Boat airdopes 441 get a 1-year warranty and realme buds q offers 6 months warranty.

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Realme buds q vs boat airdopes 441 comparison

Case design comparison

Both cases come with a matte finish, but realme buds look a bit more trim, the same pay boat airdopes look cool and funky. in hand feel the boat is better In both cases, an LED indicator is available on the front side, the charging port is available on the backside. Boat airdopes 441 have Type C port

Talking about earbuds, without any realme buds q seems much better because it looks more premium, minimal, and professional. On the same airdopes 441 does not look as good, in this, you get RGB LED light.

The plastic use in it is not that much of quality, and it is too heavy. But LED indicators have not been provided in the earbuds of Realme Buds and LED indicators have been given in boat airdopes.

Speaking of real-time q, in this, you get 10mm, drivers, get IPX4 (Water and Sweat Resistant) certification, and a touch panel (Touch Control), which can be customized from the Realme Link app.

The airdopes 441 get 6mm drivers and get IPX6 certification and they also come with the touch panel and honestly tell the boat airdopes have touch control much better if you will compare with realme buds q

So friends talk about fit and passive noise cancellation.

I found a better fit in boat airdopes but the sam time realme buds were quite comforting. If you want to use earbuds in jogging or running time, then I will adjust one of the TWS that you will take airdopes 441 because the fins provided in it will provide good feet. But the matter of fit is subjective because everyone has different ear sizes. Passive noise cancellation in both TWS is quite good.

So guys let’s talk about the most important aspect of any TWS that is connectivity after looks design and fit.

Talking about connectivity, boat airdopes connect very fast with the phone and it has seen better range in-home and outdoor. And realme buds are not found in outdoor conditions, never connect, never connect. Boat airdopes are much better in overall connectivity if you compare realme buds with q. Both earbuds support double ac and sbc codect.

Audio quality

The audio quality was almost identical in both. realme buds q is slightly better because it is slightly louder and provides balanced audio output. Boat airdopes add bass-over sideways at the highest volume in 441 earbuds. Decent audio output is available at normal 70 to 80 volumes.

The drivers in the Boat 441 are small, it is 6mm, because of this the loudness is very low. The audio quality of the boat airdopes 441 is not bad at all, but realme Buds q provides a little better quality for less money. Talking about latency, there was a low latency in both TWS.

Call quality

Boat airdopes are much better than realme buds q in indoor and outdoor. In outdoor, realme q does not work well. If you want a better calling experience in both these tws, then you go with boat airdopes 441.

battery life

So let’s talk about battery life. Battery life was found more in realme buds q, but boat airdopes charge more quickly. realme buds q almost gives a playback time of 4 hours and airdopes provide a playback time of 3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. Both earbuds can be charged 4 or 5 times with the help of their case. So both earbuds have the same battery backup almost.

Finally, you should take earbuds.

If you want to use earbuds only indoors and don’t want to use the outdoor and don’t want to use them for more calling then realme buds are much better because their price is also less. But if you have to use earbuds even outdoor and if you are calling too much then the boat airdopes 441 will be better for you.

so this is full review and features and Realme buds q vs boat airdopes 441 comparison

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