Best 5 tws earbuds under 2000 wireless in india 2021

best (TWS) earbuds under 2000 wireless in India 2021

If you are looking for the best True Wireless (TWS) earbuds under 2000, from where you can freely do such exercises, watch movies, and play games. So guys, in this post, we take the best wireless headphones you can buy for under 2000. best earbuds under 2000 wireless headphones in India

The criterion of selection of these earbuds is as follows.

  • These earbuds should be within the budget.
  • The sound quality of them should be quite good. There should be no compromise on the sound quality of the earbuds.
  • TWS wireless earbuds should be comfortable in your ear.
  • Its battery backup should be good, which is the most important.
  • Its latency should be at least.

best 5 smartphones under 20000

Best 5 tws earbuds under 2000 and best earbuds under 2000

1. Noise Shots X1 Air earbuds review and specifications

Talking about their design, it is quite slim and lightweight design. These wireless earbuds are TWS earbuds. True wireless stereo earbuds mean that you can use these earphones in different places, you can connect one phone to the other, the other to the laptop, or both to different phones.

Talk about the Noise Shots X1 Air features a 60 mAh battery, Bluetooth version 5, inbuilt mic, and the range of Noise X1 Air is 10m. And if you talk about noise shots x1 air battery life then the playback time of 7 hours is found, the charging time is 2 hours and you will get this much battery backup when you are using modres, like listening to movies, videos, songs. Ho. If you are gaming continuously, you get 3-4 hours of playback.

Also, these earbuds are IPX water and sweat-resistant. Exercise comfortably by doing it. In this, you get full touch control, as well as features of Google Assistance and Siri. If you talk about sound quality, then you get good Khushi sound quality, bass you get adequate bass then you do not get that good bass.



  • Their case is not available in the battery, only earbuds get an 80mah battery. To charge them, you will need to insert the earbuds into the case and connect it to the charger only then these earbuds will be charged if you keep a simple case in the case then it will not charge.
  • Talk about connectivity issues so you will get to see some connectivity in these wireless earbuds.
  • Talk about latency, if you are playing a game, you will be able to feel latency for 1 second.

2. MIVI duopods m20 specifications – review and features

Talk about the features of mivi duopods m20, Bluetooth version 5.0 is available in these duopods. These earbuds have sweat resistance but no water resistance.

These earbuds are Android, design for ios. It has an inbuilt microphone, from which you can also make calls. The range of Bluetooth is 10m. The case of duopods m20 has a battery of 300mah which gives full charge to your earbuds 2 to 3 times.

Talking about battery backup, the company says you will get a battery backup of 4 hours but you will be able to get a battery backup of 2.30 to 3.00 hours in mivi duopods m20. And these duopods are fully charged in 1 hour and 30 minutes.


  • Its sound quality is very good, that means if you are listening to songs, playing games, watching movies, calling, it has good sound quality.
  • Its bass quality is also good along with the sound quality
  • Third thing is that they are very comfortable in your ears. If you do workouts, running, then they will fit your ears comfortably and these earbuds will not lose frequently.


  • The build quality of the duopods that are used in plastic seems to be a bit of flame quality.  

3. boat airdrops 201 specifications – review and features

boat airdopes 201 These are also tws earbuds, you can connect them to different devices and it is the earbuds that support android ios and windows three.

Talk about the features of boat airdropes 201, you get an inbuilt mic in it so that you can enjoy calling comfortably. It has Bluetooth 5.0 which range is 10m of airdrops. The case comes with a 470mah battery, as well as earbuds with IPX 4 Sweat & Water Resistant, which means the gym in a relaxed manner, run without worrying if the rain comes, so no worries work comfortably.

In addition, multi-function button control is available in these headphones, which can control these airdrops, as well as support for voice assistance.

You can use the boat airdrops 201 continuously for 3 hours in a single charge and if you add the battery of the case, you can get a backup of up to 12 hours.

The sound quality of the boat airdrops 201 is quite good but the bass gets you well.

4. portronics harmonics twins mini por 325 specifications – review and features

The Harmonics Twins Mini tws earbuds mean that you can use them on different devices too. And these earbuds are supported on ios Windows and Android three platforms.

Talk about the features of harmonics twins mini por 325, so in this, you also get an inbuilt mic Bluetooth 5. 0. Wireless range is 15m, 12 hours playback time is available Talk battery case is 320mah, earbuds battery is 40mah if earbuds are fully charged when you get up to 3 hours backup. twins mini por 325 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge and you can fully charge the earbuds three times with the help of a case.

You get a capacitive touch control in it, which is a button with which you can control these harmonics twins mini por 325. twins mini por 325 is sweat resistance but not water resistance.


  • Its sound and bass quality is quite good whether you are calling, gaming, listening to the audio, watching movies.
  • Its latency is also very low. Latency can feel a little bit if you play pub. Otherwise no latency.


5. realme buds q specification – review and features.

Realme Buds q Just Launched in India and this is the best (TWS) earbuds under 2000 wireless in India

These also have tws earbuds. Talk about realme buds q features, these in buds are available inbuilt mic. This Bluetooth 5.0 has been used. Talking about the wireless range, it is 10m. This earbud is very lightweight, only is 3.6g, its driver is 10mm, which gives good quality and bass. realme buds q battery 40mah in the case which is 400mah battery that gives your earbuds a playback time of 20 hours. Talking about backup, these earbuds can listen to music continuously for 4.30 minutes by single charging, for 5 hours continuously. Can do gaming, can call for 53 hours continuously, and can watch movies and videos continuously for 6 hours.


  • The best thing of all is that its latency is 119 ml seconds.
  • If you pubg or play a game, then you will feel very low latency so that your gaming experience will be very good.


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