Tecno hipods h2 features-specification-review and price in India

Today we are going to talk about the earbuds coming from Tecno. Which is named Tecno hipods h2. TECNO is a smartphone company, its smartphones all came some time ago and a new smartphone was just launched. So let’s see tecno’s Tecno hipods h2 features-specification-review and price in India and is it worth it.

Tecno hipods h2 features-specification-review and price in India

Tecno hipods h2 features

Let’s look at the features-specification of the device at this price point. So it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which provides you seamless connectivity, performs in the range of 10 meters. 300mah battery is provided in the charging case and here they say that playback will be up to 24h. A single earbud has a 40mah battery that provides playback time of up to 4 hours. According to battery performance, these devices are quite good.

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Tecno hipods h2 built and design

If I talk about the built of hipods h2, then I was very impressed with its built. The case comes made of complete plastic but is very solid which means that the plastic quality used is very good. And the design is also very good, compact, very slim, and easy to carry.

Tecno hipods h2 features-specification-review and price in India

The good thing about this device is that its earbuds are quite cool and get a fitting proper. The earbuds fit easily into your ears and do not fall from your ears if you perform an activity like running jogging.

In terms of built and design, I found these Tecno hipods h2 true wireless earphones quite solid.

hipods h2 sound quelity

Talk about the sound quality performance of this device, it is also quite amazing. Clarity is very good and the weakness in this is that the bass is not as heavy. There is a lot of clary on high flame and mid-volume. Even if you listen at 100% volume, distortion is not there at all. Loudness is also quite optimized.

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gaming performance

If you talk about the gaming performance of the device, then there is nothing special. In this, you get to see latency lag. If you do normal gaming then you can take it. If you want to take this device for proper gaming, then I do not suggest you.

Tecno hipods h2 Touch functions and  how to use

  • If you do a single touch on the right side earbuds, then the volume starts increasing. and you want to reduce the volume, then you do a single touch on the left one.
  • If you want to play and pause the music, you can play and pause the music by double touching the earbuds.
  • you want to forward the song, you have to triple-tap the right side earbuds and triple tap on the left earbuds to backward.
  • Voice assistant is also supported in Tecno hipods h2. For that, you have to touch and hold for a while, then whatever you are assistant gets wake up.
  • Apart from this, you can also attend calls. Double-tap to pick up the call and double-tap to disconnect.

Last thoughts

If I talk finally about this Tecno hipods h2 at this price point, then I really liked it. In this price range, such solid built and this type of quality is quite good.

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