Samsung t7 touch SSD features-review-specifications and price in India


Data storage is important for all of us, here we have fast and reliable data storage whether we want to store movie songs or folders with the study. So today we are going to talk about the features and reviews of the T7 Touch SSD storage device coming from Samsung which is extremely fast and secure.

Samsung t7 touch SSD features-review-specifications

Here we talk about its build, so it comes with a complete metal casing, besides here we have a fingerprint scanner. You can fully secure your data with the help of a fingerprint scanner which has a USB C port. Within this Samsung T7 SSD, you can store up to 2tb. In this, you will get the read-write speed with c port, it will get 3.2 GEN 2 (10 Gbps) which means the read speed is up to 1050mb / s and write speed is 1000 MB / s. Everything inside it is protected. With hardware-based AES 256bit encryption, where you can enter a password or it will be best to put fingerprints and keep all the data of the drive completely secure.

Talk about its speed test, which is getting the same speed as Samsung t7 Touch is promising SSD speed.

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Two options are available here.

  • T 7 Touch SSD
  • T 7 without touch SSD

In T7 Touch SSD you get a fingerprint scanner but in T7 SSD you do not get a fingerprint.

It is available in different capacities and different colors 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB but if you are a working professor professionally. Moving data is a frequent step-by-step and if you want on the go, storage that you can keep in your wallet. So this is definitely good for you.



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