Oneplus buds z review-features-specification and price in india

Hello friends, oneplus have launched its buds z. So today we will know about the review-features-specification of this oneplus buds z and its price in India.

Oneplus buds z features and specification

Oneplus Buds z earbuds have Bluetooth 5.o which provides seamless connectivity to you. Even the battery capacity of this device is quite good, a 450mah battery can be seen in the charging case.

40mah battery earbuds have been given. The company says that from these earbuds you can expect 5 to 6 hours on a single charge. If you can expect more than 20 hours of time playback with charging.

Apart from this, a Type C port is given for charging, which provides fast charging. If you charge this device for 10 minutes, then you get a playback time of 3 hours. After this, 10 mm drivers have been provided in it.

In this device, you get to see these air detections, which is quite a good thing. As the earbuds wear, the music will turn on and the song will turn off as we remove it from the ear.

Oneplus buds z review and price in india

Oneplus buds z Build and design

Talking about the build and design of the case, the case is seen in the plastic build. And the build quality of the plastic is of a premium type. The design of the case is also very good, you can easily carry and magnets are also given better.

A charging port is found in the back and a battery indicator LED is provided in the front. The design is also very good, there will be no problem in carrying in the pocket.

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Oneplus buds z review-features-specification and price in india

Talking about the design of buds z earbuds, the design of earbuds is also quite good. And which is a good thing, these proper fit of this earbuds. No matter how much you move the head, it does not fall at all from your ear. Oneplus buds z is quite good in terms of build and design.

buds z Sound quality

No problem will be found in sound quality. Perfect sound quality is found. Talking of bass or talking of drivers, all are clean and fresh. Spacely high flame and mid-volume have a good sound quality and the detailing is quite sharp, and the bug effects are heard well. The sound quality is quite good.

Talking about the bass, the bass is also punchy. But you get the normal bass as much as it is necessary by maintaining the clarity according to the device. And the loudness that is also fantastic is not irritated at 100% volume at all. You will be able to enjoy the song well, there is no stinging in the ears and the good thing is that it has made it very optimized.

Talk about call quality performance, it is also good. It is not that we cannot say very bad and very good. Normal call quality will be available. Loudness is also good and the company has not talked about noise counseling. But call quality is good

gaming performance

Talking about the gaming performance of this device, gaming performance is also good. If you talk about latency lag, then you will not notice latency lag. The performance is decent and the surround sound will be heard clariantly in the game


According to me, this device is worth full at this price range. I recommend it at this price.

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