oneplus 9 review-features-specifications and price in india

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OnePlus 9 release date, price, specs and leaks

Hello friends, how are you all? oneplus 8 t Many of you must have bought. Oneplus 8t is a very smart smartphone in its price range. But after reading this post you may get a little frustrated. However, for those who have not bought yet, it is a pleasure where oneplus 9 is going to be launched very soon. There are a lot of leaks around this phone. And based on all these leaks, I will tell you oneplus 9 review features – specifications and price in India and what can happen in this smartphone.

oneplus 9 review-features-specifications and price in india

Oneplus 9 design and build quality

Like always, let’s talk about its design and display first. So just a few days ago there was a leak in which you can see the looks of one plus 9 series smartphone. You will see that the back panel is curved, as well as a wide camera model will be available, there will be 3 cameras and one LED flashlight will be given. The logo of one plus will be given in the center and the branding of one plus will be given below. You see this render, you can see that she is pacing with a little new design. Although one plus is similar to 8t but is not completely clear that exit will be similar to colors and this design will be similar.

oneplus 9 review-features-specifications and price in india

Here I can say that white color can also be seen. In the oneplus 9 series, it is not yet known what the back panel will be like. That is glossy or metal finishing. But the photo that has been received so far has been placed in front of you. And I hope you must have understood by looking at this photo how the appearance of oneplus 9 series will be.

Oneplus 9 display quality

Talk about the display, a punch hole will be found at the corner and a 6.55 inch AMOLED display will be seen when talking about the screen size. The flat-screen can be in one smartphone of the OnePlus 9 series. According to the leak, a 120 Hz refresh rate will be given.

Oneplus 9 processor and internals

Now looking at the internals, often Qualcomm’s latest processor is given in one plus smartphone. This time it will be the same, the smartphone of oneplus 9 series will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 Chief Set and can get at least 8GB of RAM. Along with this, it is believed that oneplus 9 series will get a 5000mah battery and a 65W charging speed will also be given.

Oneplus 9 camera and camera quality

If you look at the camera section, you will have seen in the render that a smartphone of oneplus 9 series will be given 3 cameras. In which 64MP primary can be 16MP ultra-wide camera and an 8MP sensor will also be given. Apart from this, a 32MP front camera is also expected. So camera quality can be a little better this time compared to earlier. Because the cameras will be improved as well as the processor will also be new. So you will be able to capture a much better image and you can get better camera quality in oneplus smartphone this time.

Finally, come the price and availability. At the moment, no leaks about the price were revealed. If you believe us, then we are guessing that the smartphone of oneplus 9 series will be around 40 thousand to 45 thousand. Because you have seen that for the last 2-3 years, oneplus has not changed the pricing much. The base variants of oneplus 37 -40-42 are found in the same range and the base variants of oneplus 9 series can also be found from 40 to 45 thousand. However, the upper variant can go up to 60 thousand.

Talking about availability, this smartphone will be launched in 2021, this smartphone will not be launched in 2020. If you want to get a new smartphone of oneplus, then you will have to wait till 2021 January February.

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