jiobook laptop specifications and jio laptop full details

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jio A brand that has caused millions of people to shift from 2g to 4G. But right now because of Kovid 19, people started work from home and students started online classes. And one thing that we understood is that the work of the laptop can be done on the laptop and the work of the smartphone can be done on the smartphone.

So in this way, because of Jio 4G, we have got a lot of help in work from home and in online study. But one thing that is coming out is very important and that is that the Chipset laptop of Jio World is about to launch.

I am going to share all the specifications in this article which are going to be found inside this jiobook laptop. And I will also share the spectated price with you.

jiobook laptop specifications and review

First of all, let’s start with the display, a 13-inch display can be seen on this jiobook laptop. There will be an HD + display. Where a display of 1366×768 pixels resolution is going to be available. There will not be any problem because even 25 to 30 thousand laptops that come in the market also see the same resolution. Picture quality is going to be good in such a resolution.

Friends, you are going to see two variants in it. One which is the basic variant will get 2Gb of RAM and 32 GB of storage. And one which is the second variant is going to get 4Gb of RAM and 64Gb of storage. A separate dedicated micro SD card slot will be seen in both variants, where you can also increase up to 256Gb by installing an SD card.

Talking about the processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 will be supported here. It is a processor-based on 11nm finfet technology. And in this jiobook, this processor was also used because it will support 4G. And in this, you will also be able to run live internet. With this Jio laptop, many plans of Jio are also going to be available.

Talking about WiFi, it is going to get the support of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band. Apart from this, HDMI is also supported. And it will also support Bluetooth 5.

The weight of this Geobook laptop can be around 1200 gm. Talking about battery backup, it can be seen about 8 to 10 hours of battery backup. This is quite a good thing, having 8 to 10 hours of battery backup in a budget segment laptop is highly appreciated.

There will be 2 operating systems to be seen on this laptop. An Android-based operating system will be seen. Which will be seen almost like the chrome book of chrome os. Maybe the touch screen can also be seen. And it will get to see Jio’s own UI. In which Jio’s apps will be pre-installed.

And because Snapdragon and Microsoft are collaborating, then another variant will be seen with the support of Windows 10 here.

According to this budget, the laptop is going to be very strong. Because the laptop is such a thing which has become a necessity in today’s date. So in such a situation, you get to see the laptop within the budget segment. You can do a lot of work in it and the student also has a lot of work because a laptop cannot work on a smartphone. He needs a laptop on which online study, projects can be made.


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