Irusu bees earbuds features-reviews-specifications and price in india

So friends today, we will tell you about the features, reviews, and specification of iruse bees earbuds coming from irusu. And these earbuds are different from normal earbuds. Because inside it you also get a power bank, with the help of which you can also charge your phone and can also listen to songs in earbuds.

iruse bees wireless earbud features-reviews-specifications

The charging case of bees earbuds is of premium type and is made of body metal. LED is also found inside the case, on which you can see how much battery power is left. This earbuds case has a battery of 2000mah and the earbuds have a 60mah battery which can give you around 5 to 6 hours of usage time. Apart from this, its charging case also reduces the power bank.

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It comes with earbuds IPX 6 which is water and sweat resistance. Talk about sound quality, in these earbuds, you get wireless stereo90 sound which is loud as well as clear and the bass is very good. Bluetooth 5.o is running here. In this, you will not get to see the connectivity issue. Touch sensors are also available in it. These earbuds are comfortable.

irusu bees earbuds Its case is a bit heavy because it is made of metal and has a 2000mah battery. The normal charging case is heavy.


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