Portronics harmonics twins 33 review

Portronics harmonics twins 33 review and unboxing | compact earbuds

Today we will talk about compact earbuds that come from Portronics. And its name is Portronics harmonics twins 33. These earbuds come in the budget price range with compact. Today in this article we will review the same Portronics harmonics twins 33 and tell its specifications and features. Portronics harmonics twins 33 box content In the box content of Portronics … Read More

Best true wireless earbuds India under 3000 | top 5 best tws earbuds under 3000

Today we are going to tell you the best true wireless (tws) earbuds in India under 3000. Nowadays true wireless earbuds (tws) most popular audio accessory. Because it is small, lightweight, and portable that is why. The TWS of the 3000 range nowadays, has become very interesting today because many such tws earphones are under 3000, which has active noise … Read More

Noise flair neckband review | touch control sensor with call vibration

The noise flair neckband has just been launched and this neckband comes with touch sensors which makes this noise flair neckband very special. This is the first neckband in India that offers touch sensors. In addition to touch sensors, there are many more interesting things. In this article, I will tell you the review, specifications, and features of this noise … Read More

Eksa e900 vs Redgear cosmo 7.1 comparison | which is the best headphone

There is a lot of confusion in taking gaming headphones. So today we will compare Eksa e900 vs Redgear cosmo 7.1 and which gaming headphone is better for gaming. eksa e900 vs redgear cosmo 7.1 build quality Headrest build quality Let’s start with the headrest first. The Cushing inside the headrest of the eksa is quite soft, at the top, … Read More

Styx neo smartwatch review

Styx neo smartwatch review and full specifications

Today we are going to talk about the Styx neo smartwatch. This smartest is quite unique, it has some features that are not found in other smartwatches. So in this article, I will tell you the review and full specifications and features of the Styx neo smartwatch. Styx neo smartwatch review and full key specifications or features neo smartwatch build … Read More

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