Noise buds vs101 review And full information

noise buds vs 101 review

noise buds vs 101 review

Short descriptions

  • 8mm speaker driver
  • Up to 18 Hours with Charging Case
  • It has Bluetooth version 5.0 for better connectivity.
  • the IPX5 rating water resistant.
  • This earbuds have smart touch control.
  • 1 year warrant is available in this earbuds.

In this time Noise has been launching earbuds one after the other, and today we will talk about Noise buds vs101. And will review this Noise buds vs101 and tell its key specification, features.

Noise buds vs101 Build and design

Talking about the first look of the charging case of Noise Buds vs101, its charging case looks quite common and quite similar in design. He has not done anything extraordinary in this.

But I liked the quality of the material used, which means that the build quality is very good. And the case of these earbuds comes with matte finishing, due to the matte finishing, there are no scratches on the case of the earbuds.

Noise buds vs 101 review and key specifications and features

But the earbuds come with a glossy finishing. If we talk about its design, then its design is quite similar to that of Apple Air Pods Pro. And they say that there is a design of Fly Buds type.

There will be no problem in terms of fitting and it can be worn for a long time. If you do jogging, gyming, or work out, then it does not fall from your ear. And the weight of these noise buds vs101 is 40 grams

Noise buds vs101 sound quality performance

Talking about its sound quality performance, I can say that the drivers of Noise buds vs101 are very high peak and the sound is heard very sharp. And the highs, lows, and mids are well balanced.

But the bass is not available at all in the Noise Buds vs101, this thing disappoints somewhere. The rest of the clarity is good and the loudness is also very optimized. If you listen even at 100% volume, then there will be no distortion feeling.

Those who are bass lovers will not like this device at all. But for those who like to listen to casual music and drivers do matter for them, they might find these earbuds’ sound quality quite good.

buds vs101 call quality performance 

Now it comes to the call quality performance in the earbuds, so I personally did not like the call quality performance of these earbuds. Its microphone was not working that well.

Work will be done indoors. But in the outdoors and where there is a lot of noise, there will be trouble in calling from these noise buds vs101 earbuds.

Gaming performance

I wouldn’t recommend this earbud for gaming at all because I had problems with latency.

If you are playing BGMI or Call of Duty or any other Battleground game, then it is very important that whatever happens in it, it is heard on time. And there should be no problem with latency.

Noise buds vs 101 key specifications and features

Now let’s talk about the key specifications and features of Noise buds vs101. Bluetooth version 5.0 has been used in this and there was no problem in terms of connectivity. Works well in the range of 10 meters.

IPX5 water-resistant rating is seen in buds vs101. If you use these earbuds while running or jogging or gyming, then no problem, they easily register sweat and water. But do not use it while taking heavy rain or bath or else it will get spoiled.

Talking about the battery life, the company says that you will get to see the performance of 18 hours of playback time with the charging case. On a single charge, the earbuds provide up to 4 hours and 30 minutes of battery life without the case at 70% of volume.

My personal experience is something similar, meaning you can expect up to 4 hours on a single charge from the device. The charging case of the earbuds has a Type C port for charging, which is a great thing. You can use a 5w or 10w charger to charge it. By the way, they will be fully charged in 2 hours.

8mm drivers are seen in the earbuds. I would say that it does not do justice to the sound quality.

Noise buds vs 101 touch functions

Touch function is seen in Noise Buds vs 101, whose response I liked very much.

If you want to increase the volume, then single-tap on the right earbud increases the volume and the left-side earbuds single-tap decreases the volume.

To change the track, touch, and hold the earbud, the track will change. If you want to forward the track, the Touch and hold one’s of right side earbuds, and the track will be forwarded. And by touching and holding the left-sided earbuds to track back, the track will go backward.

Double-tap any earbud to play music, or double-tap earbud to pause a song.

To wake the assistant, you have to tap on any earbud three times and your assistant will wake up.

to receive the call, tap on any earbud and press and hold to cut the call. And to decline a call, touch and hold will decline the call.

My opinion and Conclusion

To conclude overall Noise buds vs 101. Earbuds have been launched at a very competitive price. And my personal recommendation will be for those people who prefer bass over the driver. So if you want to buy it then make sure to buy it.

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