Noise flair neckband review | touch control sensor with call vibration

Noise Flair in-Ear Wireless Neckband Earphone

Short description

  • fully-touch-enabled Bluetooth neckband.
  • Noise Flair features environmental noise cancellation with a dual-mic system.
  • playtime up to 35 hours.
  • Noise Flair comes with an ultra-fast charging feature that delivers 8 hours of playtime in just 8 minutes of charge.
  • Attend calls instantly with the Swiftcaller feature.
  • The 10mm speaker driver delivers powerful sound.

The noise flair neckband has just been launched and this neckband comes with touch sensors which makes this noise flair neckband very special.

This is the first neckband in India that offers touch sensors. In addition to touch sensors, there are many more interesting things. In this article, I will tell you the review, specifications, and features of this noise flair neckband.

Noise flair neckband built and design

Talking about build and design, it is made of plastic and silicone. This gives a premium look to this neckband and if you touch the neckband, you will get a great premium feel.

Even the earbuds of the neckband, which are quite amazing, are made of metal. And they have hook support dia which gives you extra support if you perform activities like running, jogging.

I did not find any problem in fitting, very good fitting is found in this device. By the way, you can remove those hooks here, if you do not like it or if the normal fitting is the proper one, then you will be able to separate the hook here.

Noise flair sound quality performance

The performance of sound quality will be quite good in this neckband, especially if you talk about the driver is quite clean and crisp. For a bit I felt its mids are weak, and the highs and low sound quite good.

Talking about the bass, the bass is good, but it is not very punchy, but according to the driver it is balanced. And the loudness is also very optimized, which I liked very much personally.

What usually happens is that neckband loudness is too much. Whenever you try to listen at 100% volume, they prick in the ear. But I found the optimization of this noise neckband quite right. I can say they perform well in terms of sound quality.

Call quality perfomance

In terms of call quality performance, this device is very strong because they have used dual microphones in this device. And it gets ENC (Environmental noise cancellation) which improves the call quality.

I talked to a lot of people from this neckband on the call and they get our voice quite properly and their voice is heard quite properly. I can say that the call quality is quite tremendous.

In this noise flare neckband, call vibration feedback is seen, as soon as the call comes, they start to perform the neckband vibration.

Noise flair neckband for gaming perpos

If you talk to gaming people, then you can also use it for gaming in this device. There is no problem. Low latency is seen in this device. If you play pubg or call of duty and any battleground game, then there will be no problem.

The stereo effect is also quite appropriate, whether the anime is around you or not will be easily identified and the anime coming from the left or from the left will also be identified.

Noise flair wireless blurtooth key specification

Now let’s talk about the key specification of the device, they are also very good. Bluetooth version 5.0 is available on this device, and connectivity will be quite right. 10 meters operate easily. I felt its experience quite right.

And the fast pairing is found in this device, as soon as you turn on this device, it is instantly connected to your device. And to tell it’s a good thing, the on-off feature in this device is seen in its ear tips.

The Noise flair also gets an IPX5 Water Resistance rating. If you are wearing this device at the time of running, jogging, and gymming then there is no problem. This device sweats and water-resistant.

And the dual pairing is also available in this device, in this, you can connect two devices simultaneously. And both will be able to switch to music simultaneously on the device.

Noise flair neckband gets 10mm drivers, I can say quite a bit justifies the sound quality.

Battery backup / fast charging

Talk about the battery performance of the device, it is also going to get a lot of strength. It is going to get 35 hours of play performance, you can enjoy 35 hours of continuous music if you are using 70% volume. According to my, you will be able to easily use 30 hours on a single charge.

And fast charging is available in this device, your device will be full charged in 40 minutes. And in this neckband, rapid charging is seen, if you charge this device for 8 minutes, then you will get playback time for 8 hours.

Touch sensor

Let’s talk about the biggest highlight of this device is the Yaniki Touch Sensor. The response of the touch sensor in this device is good.

  • if you single touch it, the music stops, and if you touch it again, the music starts.
  • Double-tap to forward the tracks and tap three times to backward.
  • If you have to wake up the assistant, that you will have to press and hold for a while, and in a while, the assistant will wake up automatically.
  • In this device, on single touch to make the call received, the call will become receive and a double-tap will have to be done to cut the call.
  • If you have to deny the call, then you have to touch and hold it.

conclusion / my opinion

If I want to recommend this device to anyone at this price point, I would like to recommend those who want strong battery backup and who talk a lot on calls. This Noise flair neckband would be perfect for them.

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